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DW Session 10: Let the Revolution Begin!

General Summary

  • The party regroups in Jupiter
  • Adam’s been helping a small village with a pirate problem
  • He got some gold out of it!
  • Now the question is: how are they going do deal with High Priest Yoho?
  • Veridan says they should set up Yoho in a scandalous situation
  • Amara still has that Sunken God spear
  • Maybe they can make it look like he’s working with Sunken God?
  • The party does some dirt-digging first
  • They meet with Priest Clawson, one of Yoho’s underlings
  • He has connections to the Characters
  • But he’s got nothing on Yoho
  • He’s ready to replace Yoho if they get the chance though
  • Next the party goes to Tallahassee’s, a restaurant built inside a ship on Oridelfa's docks
  • Rich people like to stay here while going through Oridelfa
  • Veridan puts on great show, gets party in for free
  • They meet Balasar, one of Yoho’s old adventuring partners
  • He tells them about some of his war stories, nothing too incriminating
  • Party thanks Balasar for drinks then leaves
  • The next day the party starts setting their plan in motion
  • Garrison of Elflands guards is to be dispatched to Oridelfa in a few days, so now things have to be rushed
  • Party talks up an upcoming mass held by High Priest Yoho, convinces enough people that it’s going to be a big one
  • They’ll make sure to set up something embarrassing
  • Next stop, Temple of Seevo
  • Yoho’s got a couple guards around him, but the party manages to get him alone in office
  • Yoho agrees to disenchant the Sunken God spear
  • Amara gets him thinking Elflands ruling class is involved with Sunken God
  • Party heads down to basement reserved for rituals
  • The ritual starts out ok, but then Sunken God shows up
  • He doesn’t like being trifled with
  • Veridan goes and alerts guards
  • An explosion throws everybody against basement walls
  • In the fallout the shell-shocked guards put Yoho under house arrest
  • Elflands guards suspicious of Sunken God connection
  • They confiscate the spear
  • Outraged, he insists on giving his sermon that night
  • The crowds are already moving into the Temple of Seevo
  • It’s a full house
  • So Yoho gives a fire-and-brimstone speech
  • He condemns the Elflands government
  • Calls them morally corrupt, fraternizing with Sunken God
  • The crowd is riled up, starts protesting in the streets
  • The guards, unsure what to do, try to stay nonviolent
  • Caught off-guard by kuo-toa resistance
  • The revolution has begun
  • Later that night Yoho meets with Cassandra
  • The two of them broker alliance between kuo-toa and Characters
  • Suddenly, a crash from outside
  • A band of elven riders are massacring civilians!
  • There’s a regal-looking one leading the pack
  • The counterattack from the Elflands has begun
  • Boss Fight: Prince Laertes and the Royal Riders
  • Laertes has a blunderbuss, the first one in the game!
  • His shots and saber strikes KO Amara briefly
  • But Adam’s there to help stabilize him
  • Adam punches like there’s no tomorrow
  • He makes a horse’s head explode!
  • Meanwhile Veridan doesn’t draw a weapon
  • He summons an army of pixies, turns invisible
  • He does mess with royal rider’s minds
  • Makes them think they’re trapped in cages
  • Adam delivers killing blow to Prince Laertes
  • Afterwards Cassandra meets up with party, tells them it’s time to go
  • Character forces have risen up in Noggin, Galway, and Thork
  • They’ve done all they can in Oridelfa
  • On the night before their departure, Amara sneaks outside
  • She goes to Elflands barracks, reclaims spear
  • Sunken God is a little put out that Yoho is still alive
  • Yoho has been longtime enemy of Sunken God
  • Amara counters, suggests having her get rid of him
  • Sunken God agrees
  • Amara hulks out, eyes turn blue and she blacks out
Report Date
27 Oct 2019
Primary Location


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