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CoS Session 27: Temple Preservation

General Summary

  • The party heads up to Avicenna towards the Temple of Murdane, an ancient building in honor of the god Helm's dead wife
  • Azrael warns that Avicenna’s trying to destroy it
  • Party will pretend to be farmers on the way there
  • Medraad and Elan disguise themselves to hide races
  • Sebastian found a new magic serum to give his cow Belle
  • It makes her milk taste like a different food each time!
  • They make it to the Avicenna/Gameth border, Gamerian squad stops them
  • Lt. Cordray, Vera’s husband, stops them from passing
  • Party tries convincing him to let them through, he refuses
  • Eventually Cordray suggests party take the mountain pass instead
  • So they do
  • It’s a long trek through the mountains
  • The trail is narrow, barely wide enough for wagon
  • After failed survival roll Medraad, Elan, Sebastian fall off trail with the wagon
  • Nikolaj avoids the collapsed trail, and party’s relatively unscathed
  • They’ll have to reunite in morning when trail converges
  • That night the party sets up campfire, Medraad notices cave few yards away
  • He goes inside, contacts Man in Black
  • Man in Black, smoking cigar, explains why Murdane’s important
  • She was Helm’s wife, died in ancient battle of gods
  • If her temple’s destroyed, Helm may fall into Coven’s hand
  • Man in Black leaves, Medraad sees stone giant once shadows clear
  • Boss Fight: Stone Giant
  • Elan and Sebastian hear stone giant roar, run to cave
  • With Fear cast by Elan, giant flees deeper into cave away from party
  • Party notices a couple of dead Avicennan soldiers before leaving cave
  • Medraad finds a note on one of them about a ‘bird in the hand’
  • Elan brings one of the dead soldiers back from dead for a few minutes to ask him question
  • She puts on disguise, pretends they’re soldiers from the future
  • Soldier died hunting down stone giants
  • Can’t say much about Bird in the Hand, only worked on frontier
  • Says they’ve been researching it for years on the island of Charybdis
  • Then he dies
  • The party starts running out of the cave when they hear the stone giant coming back
  • They find Nikolaj a few hours later, rest for the day
  • It’s not that long until they come across Temple of Murdane
  • It’s a massive monument chiseled into side of mountain
  • Helm’s worshippers built statue, altar, stairs in her honor
  • Avicennan soldiers are unloading wagons, moving something at its base
  • Party comes up with plan to infiltrate Avicennan garrison
  • Medraad and Elan will disguise themselves
  • Nikolaj will be invisible
  • Sebastian will pretend to be incomprehensible mountain guide
  • So the party travels down mountain and approaches Avicennans
  • Medraad shows them some fake papers and convinces them
  • A couple of guards want Sebastian, a halfling, to leave
  • Elan and Medraad convince them to let him stay if he’s tied up in wagon
  • So the rest of party explores temple and camp
  • Major Komene, head of garrison, introduces self
  • Medraad helps party unload wagons
  • They’re full of explosives, being placed at temple pillars
  • Elan flirts with Major Komene
  • Nikolaj checks on temple and Major’s tent
  • He finds some maps of enchanted locations and temples
  • There’s also a letter about the Bird in the Hand
  • That night the party decides to sabotage the Avicennan camp
  • Elan gets the thirty some-odd soldiers good and wasted
  • She performs a touching rendition of an Avicennan anthem
  • They all fall asleep or into deep stupor
  • She even seduces Major and gives him spiked drink
  • The others deal with the explosives up at the temple
  • Medraad defuses half of the explosives
  • Sebastian, Nikolaj and him move the rest of them into camp
  • They set up some wires and fuses to the explosives
  • Elan checks on Major one last time before detonation to kill him
  • Oh, but he’s awake again with an automatic crossbow
  • She takes damage running away, but she gets back to party wagon
  • Right as they reach wagon, the entire camp is engulfed in a massive whitish-greenish explosion
  • Some of the temple steps are singed, but it’s safe
  • Party doesn’t stick around for long, worried about reinforcements arriving
  • The party receives a crow from the Handgun
  • They give the crow the Major’s shiny medallion, and in return they receive a message from Azrael
  • Job well done, now they need to head to Ravi for next assignment
  • After minute of violent retching, crow throws up four bags of 300GP
  • The party sticks to back roads and trails, comes across big guy with black beard
  • He’s riding very small horse, and it’s Helm
  • He thanks them for saving his wife’s temple
  • Helm can’t promise he’ll join Rexfur’s pantheon
  • But he’ll go whichever way Erivo goes
  • Elan convinces him to talk to Roland once in a while
  • The party keeps a low profile most of the time
  • A villager notices Elan’s half-elf ears
  • She somehow convinces him that they’re the latest fashion in Kanara
  • Also, an update on Catriona and Roland in Gameria
  • The two of them hang out every now and then
  • Alma has gone clean after being saved from Court
  • She still works in the Temple of Erivo, Catriona stayed in town
  • Roland has a bit of a slow transition to political life
  • He goes to the fighting pits to blow off steam
  • Theron tells him to go easy, she is pregnant after all!
Report Date
30 Mar 2019
Primary Location


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