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Druidic slang

Dry it! What in the lights are you thinking? That's my rotting bird, you rock!
— Druid complaining
  Druids are known for being polite and never cursing. Nothing could be farther from the truth, though. The fact that they sing instead of talking does not mean that Druidic doesn't have their own swear words. However, it's true that their swearing words tend to be related to nature, which people outside their communities can find hilarious, especially when they try to translate them to other languages.  


The following table lists ten terms, translated into English from Druidic, with their meaning.
Druidic Meaning
Dry it! Expresses big, usually sudden, discomfort.
Rotting It gives emphasis to the modified noun and to the sentence in general.
Rock Referring to someone who is stubborn or incompetent.
Piece of [rotting] leaf Don't misinterpret it, being a piece of leaf is the offensive part. Being a full green leaf would be good. Druids just like being plants.
To be snow To be annoying. Example: "Don't be snow!"
To be hot To be evil, in reference to the fact that fire kills forests. Example: "The president is ignoring us again. He's rotting hot!"
What in the lights? Expression that denotes extreme surprise. The "light" refers to spirits, which always shine with a dim pulsating light.
Cloudy Used as a synonym for "dense". Can be applied to a person or to a person's mind. Example: "You have a cloudy mind today".
To be rain on someone's skin Used when someone is pleased with something. Example: "Being with you is like rain on my skin"


Author's Notes

This article was created during World Ember 2018. If you enjoyed it, don't forget to give it a heart! :) You will notice that a huge part of this world is written in Catalan. However, I have some other articles written in English, tagged as #english. Use the search bar at the top to browse them.

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17 Dec, 2018 12:18

imagining going through a forest and hearing the druids singing only for one to suddenly utter their equivalent of ‘dammit!’ brings a smile to my face!   I love how all the swears are nature-related!! They tie in great with the druids being, well, druids! I can’t wait to see (or hear) more!

17 Dec, 2018 14:58

Thanks for reading! <3   Well, you have a whole article about Druidic (check the sidebar). In the word list of that article, there are some easter eggs, like "druid" being literally singing person or "world" being place of flowers ^^ See you around! :)

18 Dec, 2018 08:35

This looks like a summercamp prompt! I love the phrases. Once again you've shown very thorough thought to the communications of your people!