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Vampires are a kind of supernatural creature, and one of the few undead species. All vampires are cannibalistic, and need to eat human body parts to continue surviving. Vampires are split into two subtypes, archvampires and low vampires. Low vampires are simply animated, decaying corpses, while archvampires are much closer to deities in power and behavior.   Archvampires are massively powerful magic-users and reality-warpers, and the most powerful among them may rival even dragons or primordial gods. They are often considered demons given their gruesome diets and frequent malevolence towards mortals.

Basic Information


Archvampires are able to change their shape, but generally appear like humans as a default state, and they will often be at least humanoid in their base form.   Archvampires also have a more monstrous, demonic form. This demonic form is generally much bigger than their base form, and typically stands anywhere from 8' to 10' depending on the individual. The demonic form has wings (sometimes two sets) large enough to be capable of flight, thick bipedal legs, either two or four arms, two to four eyes, a long tail, and horns.   Archvampires can choose middle ground between the two forms. For example, an archvampire might appear with horns and a tail but seem otherwise human. This allows them to blend in with lesser demons should they feel the need.

Biological Traits

Archvampires tend to retain the same bodily traits they had in life, although they can change them at will. For example, archvampires can somewhat change their height, weight, musculature, and so on, though they remain largely humanoid unless in their monstrous form.

Genetics and Reproduction

Archvampires cannot reproduce in any way. Because they are undead, they are completely infertile. Archvampires can only be created by other archvampires through ritual, and the candidate for vampirism must have suffered a violent, often traumatizing death.   Candidates for vampirism can be of any race as long as they are mortal.

Growth Rate & Stages

Archvampires are immortal and ageless. They remain the same age they were when they originally died. That being said, their body can subtly grow or change in weight, musculature, height, and so on, although the changes are minor.   Arch vampires often grow more powerful with age, although this is not a rule, and depends on the amount of souls they've absorbed.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like low vampires, archvampires are exclusively cannibalistic and prey on people. Unlike low vampires, archvampires also consume mortal souls; archvampires must feed on flesh every three or four weeks. The consumption of souls is far fewer inbetween, although most archvampires do not go longer than four years between these meals.   Archvampires are built to hunt humans, and are terrifyingly stealthy and powerful. However, many archvampires are able to get humans to willingly hand over their bodies and souls, often through cult-like environments and circumstances. Some towns have been known to give their criminals or outcasts to the archvampire as a sacrifice, ensuing the archvampire's steady diet and alliance.   Some archvampires store blood or body parts for later consumption, but because of the long period of time between eating, this is rare.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Archvampires generally keep the level of intelligence that they were born with as humans, although their long lifespans gives them invaluable experience and wisdom to work with.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All natural senses are greatly magnified beyond a normal human's capabilities, such to the point that archvampires often appear omniscient to those unaware.   Archvampires also have some degree of extrasensory capabilities, particularly regarding the ability to sense magic-users.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Archvampires are naturally immortal and ageless, and can only be killed by other vampires.
Conservation Status
There are only five current archvampires on the continent. Archvampires must willingly choose to propagate their species, and strongly prefer that their numbers stay low.

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