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The world of Eileia is teeming with warring nations and elusive magic. The most tumultuous part of the region, Terrasanti, has been divided into city-states and a vast No-Man’s Land. Plague is an ever-constant threat, and the powers that be - the powerful city-states of Genovale and Valleto - are largely far more concerned with their own political standing than the wellbeing of the smallfolk. Everyone is superstitious, and they have good reason to be, as monsters lurk in the night. You’re born into your station, you play the part, you leave the world the same as or worse than you found it. Everyone just wants stability.   The organized religion revolves around the few powerful magic-users that exist, known as cult gods or demigods; demigods are the few beneficiaries that managed to successfully find and entreat supernatural entities for magic. Ever paranoid of being usurped, these cult gods mercilessly persecute all magic-seekers and erase any knowledge of the old forgotten gods. But the magic-seekers, or Pilgrims, continue their search in secret.   Welcome to Eileia, where magic is real, if you can find it.

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