Temple of Nike

The Temple of Nike is a religious organization that follows a set doctrine seeking the favor of the goddess of Victory. Due to the goddesses distrust of males it is almost entirely consisting of females with a few notable exceptions throughout the centuries. Its primary Temple is in Tundar, which also acts as a forward operating base against the waves of undeath that continuously rise from The Frozen Reach. While primarily a Temple dedicated to war, under the teachings of Nike the temple follows two set beliefs. The teachings of life, which act as a dogma of how one should live day-to-day life, and the teachings of War which act as instructions of how to conduct one's self as warriors.


The temple commissions and presents signet rings to each member. All those that join are initiated as Acolytes. Upon the completion of one's standard education options of service become available. Those that seek to stay within the temple itself may take up a billet of leadership granting them the rank of Justicar and a new signet. Acolytes may also seek promotion by going out on pilgrimage. Those that show outstanding service either in their billet or while out on pilgrimage can be promoted to the rank of High Acolyte. The remaining hierarchy is reserved only for those that choose to follow the teachings of War as well as the teachings of life. They are Judicator, Avenger, and Holy Avenger respectively. The rank of Avenger is an elite group That consult with each other and control all promotions within the temple. The Holy Avenger represents the single most powerful member of the Avengers and of the temple at the Pinnacle of the hierarchy.

Public Agenda

As a whole the the organization of the Temple of Nike was founded to simply maintain and restore peace. When there is a state of chaos it is always the organizations priority to restore peace as quickly and efficiently as possible while minimizing damage and casualties.

Founding Date
753 Great Rise
Acolyte, Battle Brother, Shield Sister, Spears Sister.

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