Senasha, The Serpent of Deceit

Senasha is one of the most intelligent Primordials who has even managed to trick the gods themselves, during the great war between the primordials and the gods they were one of the few who acted as strategists and tried to lead them to victory but with the primordials being selfish beings only a few ever listened to them but they were ultimately defeated and after his defeat and made a deal with the gods, he shall maintain the worlds oceans living in them but he added a clause, he is allowed to do whatever he needs to do to protect the oceans of his home which they agreed to and so he did maintaining the oceans and the life within it until the gods left the materiel plane after which he exacted his right creating clones, whirlpools and mighty waves in the ocean around his home so no mortals would bother him and he could live in content watching mortals attempt to cross his oceans and drown in his watery realm, few have ever seen him and lived to tell the tale with the few that have being forced to do some awful task for him in exchange for keeping their lives which he watches with glee, his intelligence and strategic prowess are legendary that some who are desperate and foolish enough seek him out for aid all of who are met with death or some terrible price in exchange.

Mental characteristics


Senasha is a highly intelligent being, a master strategist and extremely knowledgeable he has answers to almost every question you can think of and innumerable that you can't. do not challenge him to a game of wits because you will lose and if by some miracle you do manage to beat him then you would have to deal with an angry Primordials

Accomplishments & Achievements

his greatest accomplishment is his tricking of the gods allowing him to live in pleasure within his watery home while punishing the mortals who worship them, all while the gods are unable to touch him as long as he doesn't leave the ocean.

Failures & Embarrassments

loosing to the gods which he plans to one day rectify

Intellectual Characteristics

Senasha is arrogant, sadistic and an egotist in every meaning of the word with immense pride in his intelligence but never to the point of blinding himself to others.

100 miles
Known Languages


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