Irestal, Shepard of the sky

(a.k.a. Irestal the betrayer)

Irestal, the primordial of air and master of the skies, they float through the air seemingly almost weightless. they have been in the skies for millennia fly through the air controlling the winds of the land, creating everything from gentle breezes to mighty hurricanes that can wipe out cities. during the war between the gods and primordials Irestal was defeated and bound by the gods they were forced to watch over the space between heaven and earth, most believe this to be out of fear and is the reason he has never landed on the ground in recorded history out of fear of ending up like his dead brethren or worse to the point that they refuse to commune with the other remaining primordials.   they control all the weather on the planet through air currents directing rain and storm to wherever they need too and sometimes smiting the mortals with destructive winds where they think it's necessary or where they can get away with it in cases where Irestal's hatred of the gods out-way their fear of being punished.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Irestal has been soaring the sky since mortals can since mortals can remember never once fighting except for one occasion, a mad sorcerer found the great sky being and in a foolish plan to slay a god they tried to bind them to his service using a lost form of magic use by the early god while they still roamed the earth, able to be hurt by this person but to scared to fight the god they panicked and caused a mighty storm more ferocious than there had ever been before or since, the winds were strong enough to rip he flesh for the sorcerers body and by the time it was finished the sorcerer had been turned to dust and spread across the planet along with the thousands for creatures and the lands who had been withing a 10 miles of them.

Failures & Embarrassments

After witnessing the destruction and subjugation of his kind during the rise of the god Irestal was struck with immense fear of their own demise and so while the rest of them fought for their survival Irestal begged the gods for his becoming the first and only to submit willingly and even fought against his own kind in order to survive, it is also believed to be a reason as to why they actively avoid it's own kind and to this day lives in fear and shame.

Intellectual Characteristics

Irestal is a cowardly being acting like a wise and proud creature but crumbles under the threat of anything that can harm it subduing to their will as long as it doesn't go against what they were ordered by the gods but being a primordial they are unable to be harmed by mortal means.



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