The darkest of the curses.

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The fading process begins as soon as one strikes a deal with the entity that is called Darkness AkA "Oro the Noir".

Transmission & Vectors

Ritual of Fading is forfeiting your soul to the Noir, becoming a Dancing in the dark and it is the only way to acquire the curse of this kind, it is beneficial, but also if you don't experience the danger of death from time to time, you start "fading".


Cause you should not trifle with Dark powers you bum bum.


The creature experiences weird compulsions, and cravings to hurt people, peel their skin off with a rusty knife, stab them multiple times, and all other symptoms of maniacal psychopathy,become obsessed by endangering itself and living the life on the edge.


There is no known cure for the natural healing of the condition, but some clerical treatments and multiple applications of Curse-removing magic slows down the effects of the fading,however does not remove it.


If you follow the cravings : Stage 1 : Anger Stage 2 : Loss of preservation instincts Stage 3 : Murderous attitude Stage 4 : Maniacal psychopathy Stage 5 : "Shatter" If you do not Stage 1: Depression Stage 2 : Sleep deprivation Stage 3 : Constant apathy Stage 4 : The physical shell fades slowly becoming transparent each day more and more.All this process is accompanied by constant unbearable pain Stage 5: "Oblivion"


Complications come when you are affected with any other curse, from items and or other curses bestowed upon the affected.Which makes those curses even more powerful and effective.

Affected Groups

All ages and all sexes.

Hosts & Carriers

Only the Corrupted creatures, directly inflicted with Noir's curse


The prevention of the "Shatter" or "Oblivion" is only reached by balancing on edge of depression and murder.Or as an option just don't get cursed.(Really just don't)


The condition does not move from person to person, unless you "Shatter" in a crowded place.Which affects all humanoids, in a large area.


First cursed person was a Lady Omelia Starfell. A family member of the noble Starfell house, Astronomers accidentally tripped into the dread domain of the Noir as a result of experimentation on the Astrolabe artifact.

Cultural Reception

Feared and avoided by all necessary means.

Murder spree
Oro the Noir
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare
Affected Species


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