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Continent of Vrudias


More than half the continent is mountainous, and the rest is tundra and glacier with very little arable land.   The landmass is separated from Egera by the North Sea and the narrow straight where once the two continents were connected. It stretches northward nearly to the poles, although a large part of it's northern reaches is covered by glaciers and snow fields, making it impassable and difficult to explore.   Most of the landscape is untouched by civilized hands, virgin wilderness in which nature exists unspoiled. Because of the inhospitable landscape and harsh climate, civilization in Vrudias has ventured underground, into a complex of man-made caverns under the continent's mountain ranges.

Fauna & Flora

Dwarves and trolls are native to the continent, dwarves having built their cities underground as protection from the elements, and trolls having adapted to the harsh conditions of the northern mountains.   A number of animals can be found in the tundras and the lower climbs of the mountains. Arctic foxes, elk, mountain goats, and other hardy animals. Some species of migratory birds make their summer home on the tundras or the coastal cliffs. Flora, however, is even more scarce. On the surface scrub brush, grasses, and some species of evergreen trees can be found in the tundras and coastal regions. Underground, the dwarves are able to grow mushrooms and specifically bred root vegetables.   Rumors abound of dragons, ice elementals, and other monsters that lurk in the farther north regions or the highest mountain peaks.

Natural Resources

Vrudias provides to the other lands a great source of rare metals and stones, which the dwarves trade to the southern lands in return for food grain, which is difficult to grow in the region's harsh climate. By far, this is the most plentiful resource in the region, but animal furs are also a lucrative resource. Hides can be tanned for leather, and many of the smaller animals, such as fox and ermine, have fur that is both warm and beautiful.
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