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Edda Revised The Myriad world of Magic and Adventure

1/5/1009 EE

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This is Edda.
A wide, fractured set of contential islands dotting the planet known as Arcanoterra.
To the people of Edda, the region is all that they know, and due to supernatural forces, it's all they can know. For while the rare few know that there is more land to Arcanoterra, a set of mystical barriers and strange areas known as Wild Zones keep the people of Edda to its boundaries.
Of course, that does not mean that all of Edda is known. There are still mysteries to uncover, adventures to have, some areas to explore, and secrets to either reveal or tuck back into the beds that were made long ago.
This is Edda. A world of locked-in history, wonder, and imagination butted against secrets, conspiracy, and the forces of fate itself that might just seek to work against it. A land of adventure and oppritunity, what path will its people take?