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The Phantom Argak

Walking through the blizzard I see, off in the distance, a snow covered rock. as I get closer it begins to move. I become uneasy but feel like its just my hunger and lack of sleep messing with my head. I get close enough to almost touch it, and suddenly, massive creature bolts up, letting out a startled cry as he glares at me with his red eyes. I'd never seen such an animal so followed him. He was too fast and rounded the corner around a rock. He was gone. Disappeared in thin air. Then I noticed he didn't make a single track and snow seemed to just flow through his massive body. I found shelter in a cave and for the first time in a week, I slept.


The phantom argak is a legend about a white argak. Supposedly, in the western parts of the Khulany Range, a white argak lives. He is whites as the snow and lives alone without a herd. Some say they've saw him and he is twice the size of a normal argak but can disappear behind a rock or tree. They also say his eyes are red like fire and his hooves don't leave a single track.

Historical Basis

There has been sightings of this creature but none of the victims were in the right state of mind and could have been hallucinating.


The myth is known by some but isn't common knowledge or hidden away as a secret

Cultural Reception

Some culture believe that the creature is an angel sent to watch over us from the mountains while some believe that it is a monster or abomination.

In Literature

There are journals describing mission of capturing, or killing, or even just seeing this mythical creature.

In Art

There are very few song or artworks done of this myth, for it is not very well known or important.

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