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The Argak is a large beast of burden. It is very yak-like with three sets of horns. The top horns are long (about one and a half feet) and curve slightly upwards. The lower sets of horns get smaller and smaller. The Argak also has very long thick or thin wool depending on where it lives and what season it is. the wool varies in color from brown to black to grey. some legends have that there's a white Argak twice the size of a normal one that lives up in the western part of the Khulany Range but all sighting stated that they'd see him and he would move behind a rock or tree and disappear.

Basic Information


This beast is a quadruped with six horns and long black, brown, or grey wool. It stands 5-7 feet tall and 8-11 feet long. They do not have tails and are hoofed. Males weigh about 1,000 through 2,000 pounds while females weigh 500 through 800 pounds.

Genetics and Reproduction

Wild argaks move in herds. In all herds there is a bull, females, and other weaker males. When mating season comes around, the bull has right to breed with all of the females. If another male wants to mate, he must challenge the bull. This starts with a loud call from the challenger to call out the bull. the bull will then come over and face his opponent. They lower their heads and charge each other headbutting and pushing against each other. it doesn't stop until one forfeits, falls over, or dies. The loser then gets kicked out from the herd and the winner becomes or stays bull.

Growth Rate & Stages

Argaks live up to 50 years. when they are born they have no horns and very short hair. They stay with their mother drinking their milk and keeping warm in their wool for the first year. After the first year the calf starts eating grass and bark and has grown in their long wool. After two years their horns start developing and they get three stubs on their head. At five years their horns and wool are all grown in but they are smaller than an adult agak. At 12 years old they are fully grown adults.

Ecology and Habitats

They live in plains, hills, grassland, and mountains.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Argaks are herbivore. They graze on grasses in the warm climates and eat leaves and bark in the cold.

Biological Cycle

Their wool sheds and grows with the changing temperature.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

In the wild, these beasts have amazing senses but most domesticated Argaks do not have the greatest of senses. They are, however, very strong and can pull 680 pounds.
50 year
Average Height
5-7 feet
Average Weight
males: 1,000-2,000 pounds females: 500-800 pounds
Average Length
8-11 feet
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