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No Violence Law

As a response to the current wave of military action on other planets, we hereby say that no person, willingly or not shall not kill or harm anyone or risk being executed or exiled depending on the severity. You can appeal the decision but if the prosecutor decides to veto your appeal then there’s no way out.
— Quch Coalition and G.O.W


The militaries presence on other worlds became a problem. After a few major stories came out the two main governments couldn’t ignore them anymore so they made this law as a way to prevent any military actions against the Cédai population as a whole, if there was any. They had a hard time making this law but decided that it was worth it in the long term. They also expected backlash once this law passed.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

This didn’t bother people at first and thought it was a good idea. There were concerns of whether this affects children as well but luckily it doesn’t but if it’s a repeated offense it might be counted. Every person over the age of 20 is affected by this law the most. There were a few deaths that triggered the community but as time went on there were more innocent deaths and exiles and people became more aware of this new rule. There were a few very, very small protests but they all failed. It made people hate the military even more since without their inference in other worlds the law wouldn’t have passed. People learned to accept that there was nothing they could do and decided to live with it.   The criminals and were very worried about this new law. They really had to come up with a completely new strategy to avoid being caught since it has way more risk than before.
Text, Legislative
Authoring Date
2458 AD
Ratification Date
2460 AD
Signatories (Organizations)

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