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Ellisira Silvius (Ell-sir-rah silv-vee-is)

(a.k.a. Ellie)

A good friend with a quite nice sense of humor and someone you can count on. She is most well known for her knowledge on a mysterious man that goes on adventures in both space and time.  
She and Madelyn have been friends since middle school. They first met during class and instantly connected with one another. They began to hang out after school a few after they met one another and usually got along great.   There was a local cafe that was close to their school that they always went to. It was a small cafe but it was always busy. They would talk for hours and sometimes have a little snack. When they aren’t busy in the cafe they like to visit places together, go to a bookstore and generally have fun.   There was a rough patch between their final year in middle school and the beginning of high school but they managed to reconcile. Ellisira and Madelyn went to colleges that were far apart but managed to keep a good long distance relationship. They visited one another if they had any free time.   Ellisira was heading back from work one night and heard people talking and recognized one of them as her friend’s. She managed to find them and watched from a distance. She saw two guards with her friend and they were arguing about trying to leave the area. It escalated and ended up with one of the guards dead. She watched in horror as the rest played out and didn’t say anything when her friend headed towards the spaceships.   It shook her up a lot and couldn’t quite believe it. She’s heard of people getting exiled for no reason but witnessing one for herself was horrifying. She slowly moved past it over the course of several years but she still thinks about it every so often.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Straight, long brown


She got a job as a Gemstone Forger when she started high school and continued doing it for 10 years. It was something she was interested in and got a hang of it rather quickly. She quit after an incident involving one of the managers. It took awhile before she found a more permanent job.
Haven’t seen you in a while, Ellie   Work’s been keeping me busy. It’s very busy this time of year. Everything is chaotic and management is insane. You’d think there was some kind of disaster or something
— Small talk between Ellisira and Madelyn

Meeting a strange figure

In her spare time she likes to go to other planets and chat with other species. Among her many friends she’s made one person always seems to catch her interest. They’ve always told her about their various adventures across the universe and the amazing worlds he’s visited over the course of his lifetime. They never fail to entertain. He’s never revealed his true name though and prefers to refer to himself as a simple title at least that’s what it sounds like to her.   She likes telling people about him and if someone asks her about him she’ll go on for ages. She’s told Madelyn all about him when she first met him close to her last year of high school.

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