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Frieda Jacobs

Frieda Jacobs of House Goose, Queen of Hearts, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms of The South, The Mother of the Ten, The Huntress of the Red Riding Hood, Wolfslayer, The Blood of Seven Queens, was the first and best-known ruler of The United Kingdom of Wonderland.


Born in Watersmeet to the prostitute Maeve Murphy, Jacobs was the illegitimate daughter of Jacob Goose. Through her father, she was descended from Marnie Miller, Queen of Promiseland; Daisy Rampion, Queen of The Realm; Gretel der Jäger, Queen of Motherland; and Sadie Winters, Queen of Fatherland. Through her mother, she was descended, once again, from Sadie Winters, but also from Bonnie MacAdam, Queen of The Highlands; Aesling O’Briar, Queen of Neverland; and Ella of the Ashes, Queen of Yesterland.


The confirmation of Jacobs’ lineage by her paternal grandmother, Charlotte Goose, as foretold in the Wonderlandian legend “The One About the Woods,” led directly to the War of Western Aggression and the subsequent unification of the seven kingdoms of the Edenian South.


Supernatural Abilities

As the descendant of several magic users, Frieda possessed several innate supernatural abilities. These included, but were not limited to: object duplication, which she often used to turn one sword into two during combat; animal communication and control; and a magical tracking ability which allowed her to see an illuminated trail of the path someone or something she was hunting had taken while trying to escape their fate.


Appearance & Personality

Frieda was passionate, impulsive, and reckless. An intense child with a wicked temper and a self-righteous streak, she grew to be an intense adult with a thirst for justice and blood.


Her frequent trips through the Forest of Fangs to see her Grandmother Goose, trips during which the fearsome woodland beasts either befriended her or avoided her entirely, led to a feeling of invincibility in the girl, which led to her relatively fearless nature as an adult.


In her later years, she was consumed by madness and her frequent calls for beheadings had to be overturned by her patient husband.


In terms of appearance, Frieda was shorter than the average human being—having inherited a small measure of halfling blood from one ancestor—which led to a fondness for heeled footwear. She had “hair as black as night,” like her ancestor Sadie Winters, but a far ruddier complexion. Freckles were general over the whole of her body, and her smile was big and broad.


Her green eyes, which were flecked with gold, are said to have been passed down to her by her ancestor Gretel der Jäger.



The life story of Frieda Jacobs will be told in detail in the forthcoming novel, The Blood of Seven Queens, which the author is still in the process of writing. But here’s the gist: she was Little Red Riding Hood when she was little, she hunted the Big Bad Wolf after he swallowed her grandmother whole, and then she led the charge to unify the southern kingdoms of Eden into one united kingdom.


As a young queen, she ended up the owner and master of seven different magical swords. That’s probably going to be tackled in an as-yet-unnamed sequel.


Later on in life, she got into a spot of trouble with the Earthling refugee who would come to be known as Alice of Wonderland—but that’s a story for another time.

Title Established
To Be Determined
238 314
4' 11"
116 lbs


For more inforation on Jacobs’ ancestry, see “The Family Tree of Frieda Jacobs


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7 Mar, 2023 10:00

Can't wait for the further adventures of Frieda the Red!

Check out my entry for the Treasured Companions Challenge: the Ghost Boy of Kirinal! His article also spilled over into Adventuring With Ghost Boy full of plot hooks and his 5E stat block!

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Children born of shady ladies are fun. Does Frieda have adoptive shady "aunts and uncles"?

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E. Christopher Clark
7 Aug, 2023 10:31

Ooh, probably! That's definitely something for me to consider as I write draft 2 of my script for her story.

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