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Marnie Miller

Marina Igraine “Marnie” Miller was a Queen Consort of Promiseland during Eden’s Second Age. The daughter of a brokenhearted widower, she studied the art of transfiguration to help make ends meet—becoming quite adept at weaving straw into gold. And it was this talent which eventually caught the attention two powerful men: Lord Gorlois le Fay and King Uther Pendragon.


Marnie married Gorlois first and bore him two daughters, Anna and Morgana, but it wasn’t long before the lustful King Uther learned of her talents and locked her away from her husband to see if the rumors about her talents were true.


With the assistance of the halfling prankster Rumpelstiltskin, Marnie wove greater and greater quantities of straw into gold. Then, finally, the king consented to marry Marnie, a commoner.


“But I already have a husband,” Marnie told him.


The king frowned and said, “You did, my lady. But no longer.”


And so, Marnie, seeing few other options, acquiesced to the king’s proposal.


To say that they lived happily ever after would be a lie, given that Marnie’s father soon drank himself to death and that Marnie’s children would war amongst themselves constantly, but Marnie and Uther did have more happy days than unhappy ones, and some might say that’s all you can really hope for out of life.


Supernatural Abilities

Marnie was skilled in the art of transfiguration, and proved particularly capable at weaving grains and grain byproducts into precious metals. Though many have long believed that this was a talent Marnie developed through study alone, it was actually the result of a genetic abnormality—a mutation, if you will. You see, one of the people Marnie believed to be her parents was not her biological relation at all. Her biological father was not, in fact, Frederick Miller, but was instead Rumpelstiltskin.


Appearance & Personality

Marnie Miller was a bright, vivacious woman who overcame the hardships of her childhood and adolescence to become a kind and caring queen. Though she quietly despised the vane and the boastful—since they reminded her too much of her lost father, whose tall tales about her abilities had nearly gotten her killed—she always kept a smile on her face, even if it was a pained one.


She was a short woman, not quite five feet tall, but she carried herself with the power and presence of someone of much higher stature.


Marnie Miller


Towards Gorlois le Fay

Gorlois le Fay


Towards Marnie Miller

Marnie Miller


Towards Uther Pendragon

Uther Pendragon


Towards Marnie Miller

117 205
Gorlois le Fay (spouse)
Uther Pendragon (spouse)
4' 11"
115 lbs


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