Jacob Goose | E. Christopher Clark

Jacob Goose

Jacob Goose was the biological father of Frieda Jacobs. The son of the town drunk and the local gossip queen, Jacob spent as little time in the village of Covenant as he could.


After earning a reputation as a street fighter on the mean streets of Watersmeet, he caught the eye of a local prostitute called Maeve Murphy. Maeve hoped Jacob could get her out from under the thumb of her abusive madam and began offering him discounts and freebies to woo him to her side. But when Jacob got Maeve pregnant and was beaten to death by a gang of the madam’s goons, all that was left of Jacob in this world was the child growing in Maeve’s belly.


A child who would grown up to be the first-ever Queen of Wonderland, yes, but that was a small consolation for Maeve and for Jacob’s distraught parents.

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