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War of Western Aggression

The War of Western Aggression was a conflict between The Ninth Empire of Oz and the nascent United Kingdom of Wonderland.


Provoked by the kidnapping of her grandmother by the big bad wolf, Frieda Jacobs (the first Queen of Hearts) assembled the collected armed forces of Wonderland into an army so large that The Wizard of Oz would never press the issue again.


The Prelude

In the weeks following the abduction, Frieda used the evidence her grandmother had gathered about Frieda’s descent from the seven woodland queens as a way to unite the military forces of the seven kingdoms of the Edenian South—soon to be rechristened Wonderland.


Oz, sensing a fight was coming, assembled troops in the border city of Yonder in their province of Munchkinland. As a response, the armed forces of the neighboring Kingdom of Promiseland (soon to be part of the United Kingdom of Wonderland) marched to a spot directly across the river, on their side of the border.


Tensions came to a head when one of the Four Witches was shot out of the sky above the Forest of Fangs. Seeing this attack on his chief lieutenants as a perfect casus belli, Oscar Diggs then declared war.


The War

Oz invaded Promiseland and pressed their forces as far back as Covenant before Jacobs arrived with reinforcements. And it was there, in Covenant, that Jacobs and Diggs met in single combat to determine the final outcome of the conflict.


Jacobs easily bested the old man, then beheaded him for good measure.


The Aftermath

Edenians outside of Wonderland began slowly to recognize Frieda Jacobs’ new unified kingdom as a sovereign nation. And when the United Kingdom signed a treaty with The Ninth Empire to cede all lands north of the Yonder River, and to forever forsake any and all claims to the same, the remaining doubters fell in line. Edenians who had feared Jacobs as an expansionist were satisifed that she was no threat to peace, and the new country became a member of The Council of Five soon thereafter.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Recognition, throughout Eden , of the unification of the seven kingdoms of Wonderland


The United Kingdom of Wonderland

Led by

The Ninth Empire of Oz

Led by





Author's Notes

Special thanks to Author Goddess for the suggestion of the punny name The Battle Over Yonder and to various folks in my Twitch chat throughout the fall of 2022 for the name The Battle That Never Was. Those names have been lost to the editing process as of Janury 31, 2024, but I still think a shout-out is well-deserved.

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