The Blood of Seven Queens #1 | E. Christopher Clark

The Blood of Seven Queens #1

The first chapter of a fairy tale mash-up which asks the question, “What if Red Riding Hood grew up to be the Queen of Hearts?!”


Frieda Jacobs has made a name for herself with her regular adventures through the fearsome Forest of Fangs. Her monthly treks over the river and through the woods are the stuff of local legend. But her grandmother suspects that Frieda is far more important than anyone realizes. And if Granny’s right, the revelation of Frieda’s true identity could upend the balance of power in the post-apocalyptic paradise they call home.



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E. Christopher Clark
July 2024
  • Frieda Jacobs
  • Charlotte Goose
  • Oscar Diggs
  • Big Bad Wolf


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    Jun 19, 2024 21:12 by Chris L

    Noice! Bought one!

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    Jun 19, 2024 22:29 by E. Christopher Clark

    Thanks, man! I think you'll dig it and I really appreciate your continued support!

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    Jun 20, 2024 22:51 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

    Congratulations on your upcoming publication! :D

    Jun 20, 2024 22:54 by E. Christopher Clark

    Thank you so much. I'm really proud of it.

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