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90. The Goat Hole Report

General Summary

26th Sypheros, 999 YK

  • Dax' Athla investigated other churches in Sharn, and learnt that they aren't homogenous. In particular, there is a church led by Warden Gaia that is more aligned with the values of the church in Thrane. Dax thinks there is something more going on but Gaia doesn't know her and doesn't open up about whatever she's dealing with.
  • Lozaal keeps learning Riedran from Kalshana.
  • Warden reads a bit about magical theory and then gets the train to Starilaskur.

1st Aryth, 999 YK

  • Warden arrives at New Cyre.
  • Dax' Athla continues to help the people of Fallen, helping to defend the community there from the Ravers.
  • Dax receives a response from Jaela Daran, effectively stating that she wants to help but can't because of international politics.
  • Dax becomes aware that the presence in Fallen is altering their emotions, and making them feel hopeless. She tests this hypothesis by putting Kalshana in a ball, which Kal is more upset by than is warranted.
  • Dax plans to pitch articles to the Sharn Inquisitive, improving awareness of the situation in Fallen.

23th Aryth, 999 YK

24th Aryth, 999 YK

  • It is Rampartide, a Flamic holiday of reconciliation and atoning for the evil within. Dax leads the celebration in Fallen, especially as she literally has a demon inside of her.
  • Given Lozaal's tutelage, a small village has formed around the Blackstone Church, a bastion against the supernatural evil of the district. The feeling of hopelessness continues to eat away at them, though.

27th Aryth, 999 YK

  • Most of the party get a Lightning Rail from Sharn to Wroat.
  • They all arrive in Wroat, including Warden and Terfel Glas with Oargev ir'Wynarn.
  • Warden tells them all about his time in Disney Land Korranberg. Wow.
  • Warden infodumps about everything he learned.
  • The group talk about going back to Zilargo, but Warden expresses discomfort with using Wolfgang Gummen Korran as a library pass. Lozaal explains that this is what friends are for, and is the origin of the term "Friends with Benefits".
  • They all proceed to talk about all the friends with benefits that they have.
  • Lozaal is suspicious that Warden has been brainwashed by the Zil. He requests that Warden take off the fancy hat he bought for a bit.
  • After an hour, Lozaal asks Warden again about Zilargo, and gets the same answers. Hmm. Almost word for word, how sus.

10th Vult, 999 YK

  • The delegation arrives in Ardev.
  • Oargev has never been to Ardev before, and so he wants to spend the day exploring it. They meet the goats of Ardev, and also have a conversation with Mesa.
  • Kalshana tries to flirt with Mesa, but is gently put down. Mesa doesn't seem to fully understand, but compares the situation to romantically pursuing a mouse. Ouch.
  • They got Haskal Harralyn's Empire of Sweets and buy a pick 'n' mix selection of sweets. It's a miracle shop.
  • They spend the rest of the day just exploring Ardev and experiencing what the city has to offer. It has a large population of gnomes from Zilargo, and it's like walking around a Zil city.
Eberron: Inquisition
Level 5 Warforged Circle of the Stars Druid
(Gatekeeper Initiate)
/ 38 HP
Dax' Athla
Lozaal Daashor
Report Date
26 Mar 2022

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