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The First War

Written by Salen

The First War came not long after the new come races started to build their civilizations. No one remembers exactly what started this, but it is known that it escalated rather quickly. Human's fought dwarves, who battled elves, who struck out against the humans. No one side gaining sway over another, until the elves went too far. The haughty elves thought to boost their magic to overpower the other races and come out on top, enslaving them all under their rule. They did this by capturing their only allies and experimenting on them. The faeries. This prompted the first alliance of humans and dwarves into a coalition to stop the powerful elves, yet it didn't last long.  

Magical Slaves

Tapping into the powers of the faeries, the elves boosted their magic to the point where they could take down mountains. The dwarves were the first to fall, retreating into their mountains in the south and pulling the rocks in after them; yet the elves followed them, sneaking in with their magic. The humans, stubbornly, kept fighting; calling upon their Gods to help them fight back. In SF 105, The sacrifices of the humans upon the fields of battle gave the faeries the resolve to fight back themselves. Fighting fiercely against their imprisonment, they finally gained their freedom, teleporting to the humans on the frontline and thanking them for their bravery and courage. They then fled to the safety of their capitol Nym and worked a great spell of vanishing, disappearing from the world for good.

Their freedom left the boosted magic of the elves temporarily stagnant and every elf felt the magical backlash keenly. On this fateful day an explosion in the city of Mythralain took the lives of both the high king and his queen, leaving the young prince in charge. He surrendered to the humans and together they signed a truce that included the dwarves that were just starting to come out and lick their wounds. The dwarves would never tell what had happened in those dark years, sealed up in their mountain nation, and no one forced the issue.

The Conflict


No one remembers what exactly started this conflict, but it is deemed inevitable in the history of things.


Most of the war was fought in Eastern Anor and Nagar, with a few strategic battle taking place in Syll. When the dwarves retreated to their mountain nation, they thought to seal themselves away from the fighting, yet were followed by a heavy legion of elves led by an archmagus. Little is known about the fighting that happened during these years, but the dwarves lost over 10,000 in number fighting for their lives.


With no one side victorious, the First War was written off as a loss for everyone in the history books.


The loss of the Faeries was felt throughout Tamia and it is speculated that the elves attitude towards anger is a direct result of losing them.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The races finally called a truce, but lost the faeries forever.


Human / Dwarven Coalition


The humans, lacking magical spells and powers, prayed their Gods and received prayers that helped them fight the war. They were physically stronger than the elves and had the numbers. The dwarves had more skill in battle but no where near the numbers that the humans did.
Elves have centuries of experience and magical spells to help them in battle


thousands of humans lost their lives over the thirty odd years this gruesome war was fought. estimated at least 15,000 humans and well over 10,000 dwarves
While they lost a lot of elves in the thirty years this fight lasted, it was no where near the number of the coalition's numbers. Estimated at 6,000 elves all told.


Expansion of their territories. Later this changed to survival
Making slaves of the other two races

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