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Plains of Gah

Written by Salen

The Plains of Gah, located on the southwestern corner of the island of Farthtusk, are the one place in the entire nation of Gromsh that the warlord does not hold sway. This is due to the place being absolutely barren and inhospitable, never mind being almost completely inaccessible except by climbing the mountains or landing ships; both of which are too risky and life threatening. The arid sands and hot winds drove life away centuries ago and only the stories of what may or may not live under the sand remain.  

The Wurms

based off of rumor and conjecture only, these massive creatures have never been captured in any form and have only been described in stories by passing ships. Massive in size and deadly in theory, these wurms are said to be almost 200 feet long and thirty feet in diameter. If they do exist, then they are held in check by the rocky mountain foundation, because surely they could devastate the entire island if they could escape their desert habitat.  


Arid and dry beyond belief, this isolated desert is inhospitable to most life. The mountains that shield it from the rest of the island lend to this lands hostile environment and the harsh winds that come off of the sea do not help in the slightest. In fact some orc researchers speculate that the salty air coming from the ocean helped to dry out the land in the first place.

Fauna & Flora

Sand. There is almost nothing but sand in the desert of Gah. The only plant that even dares grow here is the cactus, and they are so stunted that they don't even reach heights of three feet. They are, in fact, the only source of water on the surface of the desert. (Though there is a small underground river near the mountains.)

Natural Resources

Sand, and sometimes the rare patch of mica-glass created by lightning strikes on the sand.
Included Locations

The Hidden City

Another rumor that persists is that a long ago expedition to the Plains has survived and continues to this day, living in an inhospitable land of arid death and dry existance. Also rumored to have been sighted b passing ships, these orcs have been suposedly seen fighting the giant wurms and in one story, even saved a shipwrecked crew, setting them adrift in a makeshift raft made of unfamiliar hide. The survivors called them orcs of Tal'Gah, City of Sand and have said that they saw no slaves at all among them. This has led to a massive conspiracy theory in that the warlord knows they are there and is keeping them from the general population for different nefarious reasons.

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