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Magic in Eather'an

Written by Salen

Magic in Eather'an exists for those that have elven blood running through their veins. Why this is a restriction is anyone's guess. It even predates the long memories of the Elves themselves and miraculously there are no records on it. Rumor abounds that the elves of old made a pact with a very powerful being, another states that they have a blood pact with a demon, and still another says that they were born from the elemental chaos. When a person with elven blood casts magic, calling upon the elements around them, they ask for a specific thing; coaxing the element to perform. This is done by studying the rituals of asking, certain spells that have been written down and recorded for eons.  

The Elements

Magic is called forth from the five elements and is ever only cast this way. The five elements are: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Ether. Elves ask Fire to either work harder at something (burning), or to leave altogether (cooling). They ask water to become solid (to walk on) or to move aside (part a river). Earth is asked to move (to dig or shift), or to rise up around a person (entombing them). Air is asked to uplift a person (to fly) or to surround someone (holding them), while Ether is asked for anything that doesn't involve an element of the other four (glamours, mind, healing, etc.) If it is in the natural world then Mages can control it. Higher level Magus can combine elements, like air and water to create lightning, fire and water to create ice, etc....  


An Archmagus is one of the most powerful magi in the world, able to call upon more than two elements at once, sometimes three or four. They can work earth like water, hardening it with fire faster than most people can blink. they can spin water with air and heat it to boiling, and even create shields of Ether than can repel magic back at lesser casters.


For another mysterious reason, the Nations of Tamia are hot spots of elemental magic. The geographical locations tend to amplify certain elements when magic is cast there and the effects vary from place to place. These places have certain effects that have consequences when a mage casts certain elements there and not all of them are beneficial. There seems to be no such places in The Shards, yet magic hasn't been used there in any frequency for centuries so no records could be accessed.

by DropDeadWolf

The Shards

The elves of The Shards used to be able to cast magic the same as the rest of the world, yet when they were enslved by the Orcs, they had their only way of casting it taken away; they had their tongues cut out. Since the orcs lost more elven slaves than they wanted to this method, they eventually found a plant that could be made into a potion that stopped the vocal chords from working.
Metaphysical, Arcane

Unique Magic

It is said that the magic comes from the stars, and in the last fifty years the argument has gained momentum. A young Magus out of Lyl has gained the ability to cast magic without study, simply asking the elements to do her bidding at a whim. Unplanned and carefree, this Magus is powerful and uncontrolled, like the elements themselves. It stems from pieces of falling star rock embedded in her chest, a result of an impact when she was but a child. With the pieces in her, she is more connected to the flow of magic all around us and may just be the key to unlocking it for everyone.

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