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House of Quiet

At last, I can relax in here. Its been a tough day, those dammed guards were probing so much I swear I could feel a neuron burn out - Anon
  In a nation that has a higher than the average number of mages, mentalists, psionics and mind-walkers, having a place to go where one can think privately without being actively "on" all the time (mentally speaking) is a blessing. A House of Quiet(HoQ) is one such place. A HoQ is somewhere that someone can go to that is protected from mental intrusions and psionic activity. They are expensive to make and maintain, and very few citizens have one of their own.   Many claim that the so-called Houses of Quiet that the government provides for its citizens are nothing more than monitoring stations, a place for those who would conspire to work against the ruler to incriminate themselves. This claim was investigated by other nations, who due to the ancient laws and treaties could not stop the practices of Guldaria but could monitor it. Suspicion does remain about these places, espically from , yet, so far, nothing appears to have come from it.   Newcomers and visitors find the idea of these places weird and a bit creepy, but natives have either adapted to the concept or are hiding their true feelings very well.

Purpose / Function

To provide a place where the "citizens" can go and relax their mental barriers for a moment.


Relaxing, yet sparse. Similar to meditation chambers/rooms. Private rooms are decorated at the owner's whims, whilst public ones normally have something to indicate the sponsor or patron who provided funds for the construction in the first place.


After Guldari brought in their mentally empowered police force, many citizens found it hard to maintain focus from the constant low-level surveillance.
Alternative Names
Restful Place, Private Chambers, Null Rooms

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