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Squatter taste

Young Princess_2 by Jeremy Chong
Princess Ariel has a puzzled look about her, "Tye, what are you doing? All these places around here are vacant. Why are you so deep in thought? Is there something we need to know about this area?"

"I-I- Don't know. Most of life has been on that train. I need a good place to set up." She reaches in her bad and takes out a data cube. "Housing of Manhatt" The Conductor blurts to her device. It whirs a bit and a hologram program initiates.

Purpose / Function

Secure Areas of Manhatt
The place a fugitive or an espionage agent should invest energy in these parts are the Manhatt ruins. Don't check the fallen scrapers, museums or stadiums. Avoid large open hub zones that attract attention easily. Any area where recent skirmishes or wizard conflicts need to be avoided for 30 days, often mutants or other aspiring Wizards will scavenge the field of battle for valuables.   You need to look for inconspicuous homestead. It must have a sturdy frame with at least two escape routes from the dwelling. Longer stays demand access to water, sewer, and protection.


Most of the rooms of houses that have not disintegrated are unhabitable or simply empty. We do have a some footage of what once was called a room.

Show spoiler
Open File called: Room of History


The device blinks as a subroutine executes its program.
Outhouse Basic

Outhouse Basic

Need one night where the rats aren't squealing in your ears? Bring a blanket or three during winter, you get it? Designed for the traveler, you get in and get a good rest. Now get out![


You got friends? Make sure you got exits. The ramp is a nice touch if you are lugging heavy carts of stuff and you have no intention of letting anyone touch it. Sometimes these fungal nurseries can still support a second floor. Bonus at no charge!

Log Cabins

these are fabulous. Built by homesteaders, our forefathers, they are designed to thrive in natural environments. They can be secured and livable to longer periods if you so wish. Don't ignore a Cabin!


You want security first and foremost, - a roof, strong walls, easy access to exits, and a relatively clean area. Jump up and down to make sure the house floor doesn't cave in. Push on the walls a few times make sure the house doesn't collapse on you if the wind picks up. If the place is wet, move on. If the stench kicks your ass, move on. All these signs are not worth your time.

Alternative Names
Bugshack, Safespot

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Cover image: by Billy Knight


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