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Shrine of the Lost Lords

The ruins of surrounding the region of Deecee had one place underneath the rubble and debris that was preserved enough so that we could learn from it. All the magnificent halls, building structures and monuments of ancient earth were said to be destroyed, and up until our discovery, we thought our history was slipping with the memories of our grandparents.   The shrine is a small structure tucked away some distance from the toppled granite obelisk. One of the elders of the settlement found it after escaping a slave camp.   The documents were preserved well enough so we could discover and confirm some of the ancient lore of human history.

Purpose / Function

One of the few anchors between humans of 2145 and the lost ancient forefathers centuries ago. This place has a deep emotional attachment to humans. It gives a sense of hope in a bleak world. It strives to inspire those visiting it. Inspiration to not just survive, but restore our world to its former glory. Spiritual experiences are not unheard of when one spends some time at the small shrine. Others say they experience vivid dreams and messages from beyond the veil.


The room itself is no larger than a 30 sq foot area, but it is filled half-decayed trinkets of a lost age. Very few know what any of it means anymore, but any hints or studies would be of paramount importance. Our next project for scientists like Dr. Craig Landry and his fellow "ice people" is to bring him here and give him a chance to investigate the shrine.


The first map helped us discover the Ancient Lord of DeeCee. The grand design and detail so well preserved can only mean this Lord held great influence over his people. They wanted his throne to oversee the region at all times. Such admiration!

When Gemini - Janus - The Wizard of Manhatt corrupted the Lady of Manhatt, we thought all traces of her were gone. However, this smaller version of the Ancient Lady must signify that she ruled in the Eurasia lands, particularly the Northern coastal regions. Her beauty and resilience had stood the test of time and will be an inspiration for those suffering the tyrants across the Atlantic.

These Ancient Lords were so powerful they gave themselves to a mountain! They wielded considerable power of the midlands and no doubt protected their people with the sword and divine majesty.

Rio apocalypse by Rodolfo Guerrerio
The trek to the southern Lord is treacherous but worth it. No doubt this Ancient leader inspired the masses to deserve such a tribute. One day we hope to bring out men and women who can unite humanity as this one must have!


Best find yourself a pack of demon dogs and run with 'em, then squeal about the shrine
Cinda, Barbarian
No human ever wants to be caught by a Wizard or mutant patrol, but anyone who betrays the location of the Shrine of the Lost Lords is irredeemably removed from any human outpost or sanctuary.
Finding History is not without its dangers. If a Wizard, Mutant, Barbarian Warlord or other malevolent figure is in the area, the exploring ends and battle begin. Do not leave your compound unless you are prepared to defend yourself.


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