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Minerals, Crystals, Catalysts

Data info...
We have acquired sensitive information in regards to our enemies, the Wizards. Based on encounters, scouting expeditions, and spy intelligence we have learned a consistent pattern among these extraterrestrial invaders.   First, almost all Wizards of aspiring influence dedicate some time and effort to mining, harvesting or foraging a particular place or environment. We have learned that the need to obtain specific natural materials enables the Wizard to create powerful Technomancy or "magic". While some effects can be recreated by human scientists, most effects cannot. We need as much information as we can to figure out how these Wizards perform such extraordinary abilities and what we can do to combat them.  


Wizards strive to compile specific elements to channel their powers. We suspect that the ingredient acts as an amplifier or conductor of the unique brainwaves the Wizard emits. The Wizard "wills" an effect to materialize, the brainwaves transmit through the element - get transformed or altered to produce an effect.


Wizards have an inherent weakness or agent that directly diminishes their powers. We believe the specific counteragent dampens or refracts the brainwave frequency of the Wizard to the point where the effect dissipates or cannot execute the Wizards intense desire "Will". We will offer anything we can to obtain more data in this line of information.
  This is what we have compiled so far:
Wizard Catalyst Counteragent
Gemini Titanium Cyborg implants Black Pearl
Kubali Red Ruby Gem Golden Scepter of the Yantzee
Queen Striya Coral unknown
Sholow Helm of Power Silver
High Wizard Vashtarr Gem of Glory Crystal of Prophecy
Lord Bishop Blood Relics from an Underchurch
  One Wizard we know of does not have a problem with a specific material but does have interest in places. His name is Lord Argoth - Wizard of a Thousand Eyes he has been mining lots of quartz


Material Characteristics

Quartz What makes this problematic from our standpoint is that it is quite quartz is quite abundant in our neck of the woods. We believe Argoth refines it to fits his specifications, but we are not sure what specifications he demands.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The color does not appear to be a big factor in his decision making, but light refraction seems to be significant. When you have a thousand eyes, perhaps each one of his orbits can transmit a brainwave frequency that is unique. The refractory nature of quartz might amplify these waves to provide powerful blasts from any of his eyes.

Geology & Geography

Our next interesting tidbit of information is that Argoth avoids the Forbidden Forest to all his subjects. At first glance, one might suspect the Wizard is not so malevolent as the others, because he desires his citizens not to be harmed from the hazards or dangerous denizens of the forest. However, we learned that it is the Wizard who fears the place. The Forest is His Counteragent.
Is it the soil? The fauna? A particular object is hidden there? A component of the trees? No one is quite sure what troubles Argoth so much about the forest. By all accounts, we will discuss its dangers and hazards in another datacube, because it is truly not a safe place to reside. Otherwise, it would be a perfect place to set up an outpost.

History & Usage


A human slave escaped a mine and evaded all of the wizard's robot minions. He passed on his information to Princess Ariel so she could share it in her datacube with other settlements.

Industrial Use

Argoth also utilizes Quartz to conduct his Scrying magic on the area. Further proof that he needs the material for his work to be executed.


The Quartz Argoth personally uses a big pure, clear quartz that is larger than his hand. He merely holds it up close to his face to implement sorceries. He even summoned a Cyclops through the material in the Forbidden Forest. We think clear quartz is his ideal element to work his craft.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

When rifle weapons of his militia utilize quartz or if he has personal components on hand for dangerous conflicts, it inevitably crumbles to dust after a few uses. Hence the need to mine the material as much as he can.

Reusability & Recycling

Only his Scrying Quartz appears to be resilient enough for multiple uses. Perhaps the more refined and pure clear Quartz samples have that innate property to avoid disintegration when used.


Trade & Market

Volow is one of the Seven Citadels of Sorcery and is a trading hub for other Wizards. Argoth has a market area specifically for quartz rock. Those who bring him fine specimens can leave the Citadel with some silver coin to be sure.


Argoth has heavily guarded vaults and we suspect one or two of them have hordes of quartz.

Law & Regulation

Argoth also has strict rules on entering areas of quartz refinement and android construction factories. Only certified personnel are allowed to work there. Humans will be killed on sight if they are discovered in these areas.
Elemental / Molecular

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