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Cybernetic Modifications - Mods

Cybernetic Modifications (also called mods) are the single most important technology created in the world.   A human can have up to 60% mods without their brain beginning to suffer, though some people try to push that to 70%. But then they start going crazy.   " In the year 2036 Mirabel Industries invented the world’s first cybernetic arm—so functional a wearer could barely tell it was not made of flesh. This quantum leap gave new freedom to the human body, and with it advanced thought. As the fire from Prometheus had delivered humankind from the world of shadows, cosmetic cybertechnology set people free of their flesh. Consuming. Unfeeling. Mech."
  • Before the War: A Brief History of pre-WWIII America
  • "The variety of cybernetic body parts broadened rapidly. Suddenly, blind people had X-ray vision and paraplegics could run marathons. These modifications grew cheaper as Mirabel tried to steer more people toward the trends. In the wake of these prices, quality diminished, becoming dangerous. Malfunctions, maimings, and deaths were frequent…and brutal."
  • Before the War: A Brief History of pre-WWIII America
  •   "Yes. I opted to have my legs removed and replaced with these machine legs. Was I worried about my reputation? Certainly. But, should I regret the decision? You tell me: I can run like a two-legged cheetah on speed, jump like a kangaroo on a trapoline, and kick a soccer ball into the next town. Sure, I also kind of look like a kangaroo, but I’m pretty sure my fans don’t love me because I’m pretty. No, I’m a dichotomy. I’m a mother-fuckin’ freak of nature and a miracle of science all at the same time. Would you regret that? Fifty-thousand dollars tells me no."
  • Interview with Matteo Mattias, Five-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, First Mech Olympiad
  • Social Impact

    Cybernetic technology completely changed how society viewed their bodies and that of their friends, famiy and neighbors. This created population of Mechs which became the preferred class in the world because they continually consumed what the CORPs created.
    Mirabel Industries
    2036: when the first cybernetic arm was attached to the victim of a sharkbite.   "When the shark took my arm, I thought I would have to wear a hook and a curly wig while running around yelling, “Smee!” But now I am more robot than pirate. Thank god for science, it did what my craft never could do. It made me famous."
  • Interview with Donatello Fark, First Mech Comedian, 2037
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