Edge of Neuro System

Monday, 11 June 2159 CE
The Edge of Neuro system is a software utilized by the Edge of Neuro Implant. It is the primary factor effecting the user, as it accelerates the consciousness and provides information regarding their biometrics. The addition of biological information allows the user to more effectively use their own body. The program and language utilized by the system is highly confidential. Security Access Level 9 required for further detail.   Access Level 9+
The system is coded in a unique language known as DayDream developed specifically for interfacing with both organic and inorganic computer systems. This program language has only been used within the Edge of Neuro Program for the implants and earpieces.


The Edge of Neuro system's primary usage is in intelligence gathering and combat, particularly at close range. As the system accelerates the very consciousness of the user, they can process information far faster than a normal person. This finds its best use in surveillance operations where large quantities of sensory input must be consumed.

Social Impact

The knowledge of developing super soldiers hangs over the heads of those outside the Great American Alliance as a threat of potential force. Although little is known about them in the general populace, they have been used as silent protectors of the world. The Edge of Neuro candidates act as deterrents for those looking to start yet another World War. As the capabilities of these "super soldiers" have not been publicly revealed, the deterring factor is weak, but effective.
The identities of the Edge of Neuro candidates are thoroughly protected, and require a Security Access Level of 10 to view in full.
  Access Level 10
  • Elijah Roux "Veritas"
  • Katerina Jones "Felis"
  • Hector Kyte "Solis"
  • Ellie White "Canis"
  • Eric Smither "Salvus"
  • Felicity Jamison "Caelum"
  • Michael O'Reilly "Ignis"
  • Carrie Mercer "Lux"
  • Charlie Kross "Venandi"
  • Louise Langden "Faber"

    CLASSIFIED, Security Access Level 6 Required
    Access & Availability
    Closely guarded secret of the GAA
    Extremely complex, with over 1 million lines of code

    Cover image: The E.O.N. Project Cover by Aydan Nightshade with Canva


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