Terror at the Trident

Riot on the Waterfront

  Downtown Miami is still recovering from a deadly terrorist attack that shocked the people of South Florida.   Last night, starting shortly after 8 PM, the streets of downtown Miami in front of the Trident Building erupted in chaos as the ground opened up along the sidewalk, cutting off access to the building. Following this, a mound of earth was reported to rise from the southwestern side of the building's Sky-park and began spewing globs of molten lava randomly over the streets and neighboring buildings.   Adding to the scene were numerous individuals - mostly reported to be metahumans that had gathered at a secondary site in front of the Stellar Gardens development in Doral - who began rioting upon arrival. How they arrived is still under investigation, but reports indicate some kind of earthen structure facilitated their transportation. Not all the participants of the initial gathering were aware of the plan, and some even took to helping out those caught in fires or otherwise unwittingly finding themselves in the middle of a very dangerous and volatile situation.   Reports indicate that at least two meta-humans were responsible for the arson that obliterated the interior of the bottom section of the Trident building. Firefighters reported an intense blaze unlike any they had witness before had engulfed several of the floors, melting or otherwise damaging many of the structural components. Witnesses say that the blaze was entirely the result of the actions of the metahumans, and that no accelerants or other chemical agents were used, but the areas have been closed off and restricted with hazmat designations. Reports of a vigilante physically removing the ones responsible for the inferno have credited them with saving much of the structure and lives of those who were still trapped inside at the moment of the conflict.   On the sky-park, the intruders took up positions to fight at police and emergency services responding to the incident. These aggressors were then challenged, first by local residents then by the Sentinel units of the MDPD. At least 6 individuals are reported dead, including 3 officers, and over 2 dozen were seriously injured.   Authorities credit one metahuman as responsible for clearing away a significant roadblock and likely saving dozens of lives; A giant reptilian figure, including tail and spiked spinal ridge, grew to a reported 70 feet in height and was able to physically remove the miniature volcano, tossing the mass of earth and magma into the bay by the docks. No reliable information yet on who or what that individual was, but their presence was a major source of both fear and relief, according to witness reports. Further action by the being served to prevent collapse of the South Tower following a series of explosions that damaged it's structure.   Other witnesses reported a short figure with amphibian features providing assistance to those in danger, moving them down from the sky-park and into the arms of first responders. a figure matching that description was also reported to have passed through the triage center at the end of the incident; 8 women were apparently aided and cleared to leave following their assisted recovery.   It is not yet known whether these explosions were caused by conventional charges, or were the results of metahuman abilities. Firefighters have reported that it appears that the damage was mitigated through external bracing and repair work, but would not say who or what was the source of the repairs. The building is still restricted, due to safety concerns until a full inspection can take place.   During the incident, several genetically altered laboratory specimens were taken from GeniTech laboratories in the North Tower. Witnesses report a cadre of individuals of various sizes making their way up ropes and breaking in through the windows, followed by a large group of animals going down those ropes and escaping into the city. Authorities and private security are actively looking for these assets and have set up a hotline to report any suspicious appearances for further investigation. Financial incentives are also being offered for anyone with reliable information.  

"Building the Future" Developer's Gala

  It appears that the primary target of the terrorists known as the the Heralds of Apocalypse was the "Building the Future" Developer's Gala taking place in the Skywing of the Trident. Many of the area's most prolific and noted real-estate developers, property managers, and construction firms were in attendance to celebrate the initial opening of the Stellar Gardens, a multi-block, multi-use development in Doral spearheaded by Horizon Industries as the second phase of their spaceport extension.   At the onset of the incident, several mutants broke into the gala and faced off against the event security, while the Horizon Crusaders were met by one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, Death. We warn you, the footage you are about to view is graphic, and viewer discretion is advised.  
[[ Video cuts to a video showing a woman in her mid 30's, with black curled hair, dark skin and brown eyes - those who pay attention to crime-fighting activities in South Florida would recognize her as Psiber-Force, a member of the Crusaders. She seems to be quickly looking around all over the large dining area, as if searching for someone in danger, while a large robot blips out of view in the background. Still looking aimlessly, a black shadow rises up through the floor, and a skeletal hand reach out and passes into her head from behind. She immediately turns pale, her eyes go white, and she crumples to the floor, while a skeletal head emerges from the shadowy, roiling cloak. A bright yellow beam flashes across the screen - a super-blast from a man in a similar uniform, popularly known as Archon, only to go right through the shadow and blow a hole in the wall on the other side.   "You fight to protect those unworthy of your efforts. Leave now, or spend you last moments in the presence of Death." come the words from the lip-less mouth of the skeletal figure   "Dude, the only one who is going to die tonight is your emo-goth-ass" calls out a woman with blue hair flying in from above - Indigo of the Crusaders - attempting to tackle the specter. She fails, flying through it's form and crashing into the floor beneath it, creating a hole in her wake. Meanwhile, fighting is taking place among the guards and the mutants, with small explosions popping all over the area and body armor being blown apart by hand strikes form various attackers. in the background, a semi-transparent bubble appears, protecting a group of people from becoming collateral damage.   The black cloak flies towards Archon and with it's pale limbs swipes through the hero's chest. The first swipe sends Archon crashing down, but still moving, staggered and noticeably pale. "H h h how?" he stammers, as the cloaked figure descends upon him, the blue flash of Indigo's eye beams passing through it as if it were a shadow and streaking across the night sky.   "No one can escape Death" are the words, with a sense of sadistic delight lifting them in the end, as the long fingers reach into his chest - right into the heart - and he goes even more pale, stumbling to his knees, then falling face-first into the floor.   "Noooo!!!" Indigo shouts in rage, speeding toward the ghastly figure. But her fists find no purchase in it's form, swiping through it like a mirage. Sher own body, however, seems to be vulnerable to Death; as his hand passes into her chest, sh falls to he knees, pale and gasping for breath.   "You are not my equal, child. cease this fight, and you may leave here on your own accord." are the cold words of Death. Her answer is simply a flash of blue energy from her eyes, which hit and scatter harmlessly off the being's face. "So be it" he continues, and faint wisps of blue light can be seen trailing up the pale hand as it leaves her chest, her body crumpling like a marionette who's strings have been cut.   Explosions continue in the background, flashing across a semi-transparent dome, as a figure in force-armor, fights back against the squad of exploding terrorists. As Death looks at the huddle mob of guests and begins to approach, a cannonball of light hits and shatters against his form.   "Hey buddy, You gotta get through me first" are the words of Photon, brandishing outsized robotic limbs of the same glowing, glass-like force that protects him.   "No, I don't" is the derisive reply, and the shadow goes to step into the dome. but before he can, the dome itself lifts up, held in the giant hand of Photon, who keeps it away from the aggressor.   "Yes. You do" calls out the hero, just as a brief flash occurs within the dome.   "So be it, champion. Pay the price for their crimes" are the words that come from the shadow-cloak skull, and he glides forth with a great pounding on the body armor of Photon.   The battle rages on across the Skywing, flashes of light emitted from the dome as the skeletal hands of Death pound on the forcefield protecting Photon, while the light-clad Crusader swings in vain at the cloaked menace, his giant limbs passing through his opponent, or clashing as he attempts to fend of the assailant's blows. Eventually the armor shatters, and Photon falls to the floor, the dome-now-orb rolling off to the side.   "You have fallen. Give up the flatscans, or give up your life." Commands a triumphant Death, standing over Photon.   "I may have fallen, but YOU FAILED." counters Photon, defiantly. And with his words, the orb of force vanishing to reveal all of the previously-held occupants now gone.   An enraged Death slams it's fist into the chest of Photon, cracking bones and splattering blood everywhere, with a fountain of red liquid erupting from the hero's mouth. A spiderweb of broken stone can be seen beneath his body. And with that, the figure in black floats up into the sky, fading from view. A moment later, the body of Photon disappears in a flash of light.   END VIDEO ]]
    Reports indicate that most of the gala guests were able to make it away safely, thanks to the heroic efforts of the Horizon Crusaders. The names of those that did perish in the conflict are being withheld till their families can be contacted first. The Crusaders, themselves, however, suffered heavy losses: Archon, Indigo, Bulwark, and Psiber-Force have been reported killed in the action, and Overdrive and Photon are critically injured. A statement from the Company AI, Siri, will be forthcoming.   Another noted casualty of the terrorist Attack was the Atlantean Ambassador and her honor guard, who lived in the Residential portion of the the Skywing and were attacked at that residence. Authorities have not commented about this aspect of the attack, citing ongoing investigations and the sensitivity of the issue.

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