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Edgar Orkborn

Edgar Whyte (a.k.a. Orkborn)

The soft tempered half orc from Morgaines Haven, Edgar is something of an oddity. The son of the late house maid of the Dragon-Bryde household, upon his mothers death he was taken in by his mothers employer and raised alongside their daughter Talia. The inborn strength he possessed was significant, but he soon became known for his even temperedness and diplomatic nature.   At sixteen, he struck out on his own, finding employment as a labourer on many construction projects around town, although never was he able to land an apprenticeship as a builder. Soon he tried his hand at sailing, and although he was good at the job and well liked by Hondo's crew, he returned home to Morgaines Haven after his first voyage, keen to remain.   He was in love with Talia Dragon-Bryde, although their relationship was not sanctioned by her parents, who had betrothed her to the affluent Greystone family. Edgar and Talia decided to flee with the help of Hondo, but they were attacked by the Hag known as Granny Gulet, who killed Talia, and stole her unborn child. She then wove a powerful charm in Edgar's mind using his despair and loss. When Edgar was found next to Talia's corpse in the morning, his accepting words and the damning evidence seemed to prove that he was guilty of Gulet's crime. The Greystone family, and Edgar's former surrogate family, the Dragon-Brydes turned on him and planned to have him hanged.   This plan was foiled by Noctis Rax, however. Gulet had used Keepers blood to infuse the unborn child with her fey ancestry and tied her essence to the essence of the fallen Keeper known as Erric. She drove Noctis Rax from his lair under Hollow Hill and prepared it for the arrival of its true lord. Noctis, in the Guise of Newton Shad, decided to acquire the hip of lesser beings to infiltrate her protective barrier; which was designed to repel the Draconic and Infernal. Thus the crew of the Esealine was hired for this task.   The outcome of this adventure proved Edgars innocence, and the hag Gulet was hanged in his stead, but the cost was great. Erric lost his human form, and the crew lost a good friend. Edgar claimed his daughter and offered his services to the ship.   At this point in time Edgar and his daughter are staying Drake's Roost(Name pending?), and he is laying the foundation for the hall there.

Mental characteristics


Serves the crew of the Esealine.

Mental Trauma

Gullet murdered his Love.

Intellectual Characteristics

Basic math, Design and floorplans.

Morality & Philosophy

Loyal to those that care for him and his daughter. Good.

Current Location
The Riftlands
397 RA 423 RA 26 years old
Circumstances of Death
Slain in Battle
Interested in Females
Gender Identity
Dark brown, tired
Known Languages
Common, some Orcish

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