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Somewhere in the outer fringes of the known universe, partially hidden in the Clasmyc shoals in the Astral Sea, is the isolated world of Earssea(pronounced Ersa). Overlooked by many of the powers and factions of the multiverse, Earssea is world brimming with potential.   A geologically active world, Earssea features a wide diversity of biomes across its six land masses. From green forests and plains, to scorching deserts and fierce mountain ranges. In the northern hemisphere the continents of Stygland, Wosterhiem and Pallan brush the polar ice-cap, while the great Al-Siddig stradles the equator beneath Pallan and Stygland. In the Southern hemisphere, Tenochyt and Mano'clat reach out to each other across the frozen southern sea.   Many different races live together on this world, though only recently has there been any mass migration. Elves and gnomes being native to Wosterhiem, dwarves are from Stygland, halflings from Pallan, dragons were born in Al-Siddig.   Follow us on Twitch!