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Conradt II Hackon

Archon of the Dominion of Bulvirk, Conrad Adolphus Hackon (a.k.a. Die Hammur)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to Siegfried Hackon and Adelaide Wiess of house Hackon, Conrad Hackon was aptly named after two of his forefathers, one the founder of house Sanderberg, and one a previous Archon, Conradt II, his great grandfather.   House Hackon is known for their stern demeanor and stiff upper lip. Conrad's life has both been an example of and an exception to the expectations that come with the name.   Conrad is a mobile man and is often inspecting the garrisons throughout Bulvirk. He has a daughter from his first marriage and a son and daughter with his current marriage.   He has also relocated his family and house to Salzfestung and renamed the fortress to New Hackenberg. It lies near the border of the North-Western Tribe Confederation, whom he has ties to.


At the age of nine it was apparent that Conrad possesed a keen mind for tactics and was accepted into Gotthelm Academy, where he was soon fast tracked into the higher grade. He graduated at age 15 and was courted by several Colleges, finally settling on Maekir College. He graduated from Arcana at 18, and Tactica at 21, setting a new record for graduation.


After his 2nd graduation from Maekir College, Conrad was granted the rank of Lieutenant and was given control over a unit of dragoon cavalry in the East Rift Garrison.   While patrolling the border with his men he discovered a pair of red drakes had roosted on a tor overlooking the countryside. Sending a runner back to the garrison, he and the remainder of his men set up watch on the two beasts. Using his Arcana training he sent his familiar to scout out the nest and discovered that there were eggs on the verge of hatching. After consulting his ranger he decided to attack before reinforcements would arrive, as these creatures would begin to look for prey as soon as the first hatchling was born. He had his men ride in a circle around the tor, with several men occasionally charging the drakes, loosing bolts, and retreating to the safety of the group. The drakes attempted to track targets and in their distress, accidentally crushed their eggs. By the time the reinforcements arrived, both Drakes were winded and too weak to fly, with only three men suffering minor burns, including Conrad himself. Nonetheless, when the final charge was sounded, Conrad was among the horsemen charging the tor. He received several commendations from his superiors as well as a promotion to Lieutenant Major.   Shortly after his 25th birthday, Conrad was made a provocateur, and was tasked with leading a team of specialists to deal with a rising warband of Hobgoblins who were massing in the western coastal lands north of Bulvirk. The mission almost ended in fatal disaster when his camp was ambushed and he alone managed to escape. Rather then return with news of failure, Conrad began to look for allies amongst the folk who dwelt in the lawless land, Fisher folk who lived on the rocky islands off-shore, and tiefling tribes that had built small enclaves in high valleys. He spent the next five years organizing a capable resistance against the growing horde, coordinating with smugglers who would deliver weapons and supplies to him and bring back reports from behind enemy lines. In the spring of his sixth year He led the coastal resistance on one front, while Bulvirk simultaneously attacked the horde on the other. It was a pitched battle, but ultimately the Hobgoblins were defeated and driven into the mountains.   The analysis of the generals after the fight revealed that Bulvirks casualties would have been extreme had not the coastal resistance been raised. At the age of 31 Conrad was raised to general. He drafted the Red Horde Concordant which guaranteed military aid to the coastal folk if need of it arose, while preserving their unique culture and way of life. This Concordant was reviewed and signed by Archon Adrien Viedt as his last wartime act before relinquishing his powers to the Guilds Council. It was after this point that the Archon began to groom Conrad for succession.   When Archon Viedt died of a stroke in 410 RA, Conrad Hackon was unanimously chosen by his peers to ascend to the rank and office of Archon.

Failures & Embarrassments

Conrad took a Tiefling wife while he was working on the northwest coast. She died in childbirth, giving him a daughter. Detractors and political adversaries in the Guilds Council often site this as evidence of deviance on his part, but it is often ignored.

Intellectual Characteristics

Conrad is not a charismatic man, but is rather quiet and pensive instead. He is known to listen to his underlings and is often seen reading when he gets free time.   When need arises, he is capable of seizing the moment and directing his forces in pure chaos.

Morality & Philosophy

"If you do not cross this line, your enemy will."

Personality Characteristics


Conrad is invested in keeping his nation safe. He crosses lines with discretion and ease. As a veteran of the Red Horde Crisis, he knows that big problems are easily overlooked by people who do not comprehend war.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes forward thinkers, planners, and go-getters. Dislikes naivety, expectant planners and dismissive politicians. Hates corrupt politicians.

Virtues & Personality perks

Steady hands.

Vices & Personality flaws

Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
369 RA 54 Years old
Current Residence
New Hackenberg, Nordwestk├╝ste-Grenze
Dark brown
Black, Thinning on temples.
6' 1"

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