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Biids (Bihds)

Biids are a small coin, used all over Earck. They have an engraved face, with a bronze-filled dwarven B, marked through the center by a vertical line.

Manufacturing process

Mets is put into a furnace, where it is heated to melting temperature, and then poured into many small moulds, which engrave a symbol into the hot metal, until it hardens. They are then re-heated, and put into another mold, which allows the forger to pour molten bronze through a funnel, filling the engraving. Then water is poured over the still hot coins, and then they are pulled out and set on a flat surface until dry and cool. After this, they are inspected and any ripples in the metal, bumps or other deformities are hammered out or pressed flat.


The Biid originates back to the Age of Brutality, when the dwarves were driven south, and brought with them coins, rather than trading. Because coins never go bad, are small, and would always be valuable no matter the situation, it started an economic revolution for all the southern lands of Earck, and soon many began to use currency rather than trading.


Biids can be used to buy drinks, pay for lodging at inns, bribe guards, or throw at wandering Nitts
Biids are excepted in most cultures as a common form of currency, which is very useful when traveling to new lands.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Very... Very common.
6 g
Diameter: 0.8 in, Thickness: 1.5 mm
Base Price
5 Pence, which is equivalent to about 5 dollars.
Raw materials & Components
Biids are made of a thin sliver of Mets, which is an easily heated metal, and a small amount of Bronze.
In order to manufacture Biids, there are many tools used. Below are a list of the items neccissary for the creation of this currency:
A reasonable supply of Mets and Bronze
A furnace
A sufficient ladle
A mold, which can usually make up to 30 coins at once, and includes the biid symbol
A press or hammer to flatten out any marks or disfiguration
A large bucket of water


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