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Xandras Canyon

Xandras Canyon, nestled to the northwest of Ealathra and adjacent to the Elven city of Xin, stands as a living testament to the ancient clashes of the first Dragon War. While historical records remain silent, the canyon's scarred landscape and untamed wild magic hint at a turbulent past. Despite its tumultuous history, Xandras Canyon has become a captivating tourist destination, drawing adventurers and seekers of arcane wonders. The abundance of crystals that speckle the terrain adds to the allure, reflecting and refracting the volatile magic that permeates the air. However, caution is advised, especially for those with a delicate magical constitution, as the untamed energies may not be as welcoming as the breathtaking scenery.

Purpose / Function

Xandras Canyon serves as a living chronicle of an ancient conflict, the first Dragon War, etched into its scarred landscape. While the true purpose and details of the war remain shrouded in mystery, the canyon has evolved into a unique landmark that draws both adventurous tourists and magic enthusiasts. The crystals that dot the terrain not only contribute to the picturesque scenery but also amplify the wild magic lingering in the air. Despite its historical significance, the canyon's primary purpose now is to captivate and challenge those who seek the beauty of untamed magical forces and the echoes of a forgotten era.


The surface of Xandras Canyon resembles a canvas neatly sliced by a celestial blade, creating a perfectly flat expanse that stretches across the landscape. It's as if the very fabric of the earth yielded to some immense force, leaving behind an otherworldly tableau of geometric precision. The cut is so immaculate that the edges of the canyon seem almost unnatural, with a stark contrast between the smoothed surface and the rugged terrain that surrounds it. This surreal flatness enhances the visual impact of the canyon, making it a captivating and mysterious landmark in the midst of the wild and untamed landscape.




Xandras Canyon attracts a diverse array of tourists, including history enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and magic aficionados. History buffs are eager to explore the remnants of the first Dragon War and speculate on the ancient conflict. Adventurous souls seek the thrill of being surrounded by the volatile, wild magic that permeates the canyon. Magic enthusiasts visit to witness and, in some cases, study the unique magical phenomena that occur in this area.   Tourists have various accommodation options, including inns and lodges in the nearby Elven city of Xin, where they can enjoy the comforts of civilization while making day trips to the canyon. Some more daring visitors might opt for temporary campsites, relishing the experience of sleeping under the stars in the vicinity of this magical spectacle. The city of Xin has also developed magical shielding in certain areas to protect visitors from the wild magic, ensuring a safer and more controlled experience for those less familiar with handling such potent forces.
Founding Date
Memorial / War Memorial


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