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Whispers of an inverted tower beneath the waves, a prison known only to the privileged few, echo through the realms of Ealathra. Tartarus, veiled in arcane secrets. Unstaffed, impenetrable, and shrouded in silence, it beckons the curious and the brave. Venture into its shifting corridors and desolate chambers, and you might uncover the mystery that even the gods are said to turn a blind eye to. What purpose lies within its depths, and what entity resides in the Void? The answers, concealed by power and guarded in silence, await those who dare to seek the truth.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of Tartarus appears to be a complex combination of containment and challenge. Its primary function is to house individuals deemed dangerous or powerful enough to require extraordinary measures for imprisonment. The anti-magic and heat metal fields add layers of security, making it nearly impossible for conventional means to break free. Additionally, the varying levels within the prison, each with its own set of challenges, suggest a design that not only contains but tests and punishes those within.   However, the mystery surrounding the fifth level, the Void, and the enigmatic figure within it adds a deeper layer to the prison's purpose. The prophecy of "unleashing a true calamity" hints at a potential cataclysmic event tied to the prison's existence. This suggests that Tartarus might serve a dual purpose: not just containment, but perhaps a safeguard against a powerful force that could wreak havoc if released.   In essence, Tartarus seems to be a multifaceted institution, designed not only to detain dangerous beings but also to serve as a safeguard against existential threats to the world.


The architecture of Tartarus is a testament to both strength and cunning. The prison, set within an inverted obsidian tower in the heart of the ocean, defies traditional construction. The outer facade is foreboding, with dark, imposing walls that seem to absorb light rather than reflect it. The inverted structure, surrounded by churning waters, creates an aura of isolation and inaccessibility.   The structure is adorned with ancient, mystic symbols that contribute to the constant anti-magic field. Intricate patterns, carved or inscribed in materials resistant to manipulation, form a magical ward against the supernatural. These symbols are woven seamlessly into the very fabric of the tower, a visual representation of the prison's formidable defenses.   Internally, each level is a maze of shifting corridors and chambers, designed to disorient and challenge even the most resourceful inhabitants. The architecture is oppressive, with low ceilings, narrow passageways, and minimal natural light. Secure cells are scattered throughout, each equipped with magical barriers and additional deterrents.   The design of Tartarus is as much psychological as it is physical. The architecture is meant to instill a sense of hopelessness, making escape seem nearly impossible. It's a fortress built not just with stone and mortar but with magical wards and enchantments that defy the capabilities of the prisoners held within.


The defenses of Tartarus are a formidable combination of magical wards, arcane barriers, and physical obstacles, designed to deter and contain the most powerful entities in existence.  
  1. Anti-Magic Field: The entire prison is enveloped in a constant anti-magic field, rendering spells, enchantments, and magical abilities ineffective within its boundaries. This includes attempts at teleportation or any magical means of escape.
  2. Heat Metal Field: An additional layer of protection surrounds Tartarus, generating intense heat that makes metal weapons and armor unbearable to touch. This discourages armed resistance and further ensures that the prisoners remain without conventional weaponry.
  3. Mystic Symbols and Wards: The walls and corridors of Tartarus are adorned with ancient symbols and wards. These intricate designs serve both as a physical barrier and a magical deterrent, preventing any unauthorized tampering or escape attempts.
  4. Shifting Architecture: The internal structure of Tartarus is a labyrinth that constantly shifts and rearranges itself. This dynamic layout disorients prisoners, making navigation challenging and escape even more improbable.
  5. Guardian Beasts: Each level is guarded by formidable creatures, ranging from demiliches in Despair's Choke to vampires in the False Hope. The Pit houses unintelligent but dangerous monsters, and the Void is said to harbor the most lethal entity of them all.
  6. Magical Barriers: Individual cells are equipped with magical barriers tailored to the specific strengths and weaknesses of the occupants. These barriers adapt to thwart any attempts at magical manipulation or escape.
  7. Environmental Hazards: The prison's architecture incorporates environmental hazards, from treacherous pits to freezing chambers. These hazards are strategically placed to make any attempt at traversing the prison perilous.
  In summary, Tartarus is a prison designed to be an impregnable fortress, combining magical, physical, and psychological defenses to ensure that its inhabitants remain contained and powerless.


Tartarus, shrouded in mystery and cloaked in silence, stands as a testament to the secrecy and power wielded by a select few. Built in the shadows of Ealathra, the prison's origins are obscured in whispers and half-truths. Its creation is attributed to the enigmatic wizard Malon Bagsher, an individual of such power that even the gods are said to turn a blind eye to his existence.   Constructed as an inverted tower rising from the depths of the ocean, Tartarus was meant to be a prison of absolute containment, its purpose veiled from the common folk and even the majority of the realm's inhabitants. Only the upper echelons of power and a handful of individuals know of its existence, and they guard this secret jealously.   The prison's unstaffed nature adds to the enigma. No guards patrol its shifting corridors, and no warden oversees its operations. It is a place where the arcane itself seems to enforce its own rules, rendering traditional prisons and their keepers obsolete.   Tartarus has never witnessed a successful escape. Those few who have ventured into its depths and returned alive are changed, haunted by the shifting mazes and the knowledge of the entity that resides in the Void. The upper echelons maintain a veil of silence, neither confirming nor denying the existence of such a prison when questioned.   The purpose of Tartarus remains a subject of speculation, a riddle that only a select few possess the key to unravel. Its history is inscribed in the whispers that dance on the edges of consciousness, leaving the realm to wonder at the secrets held by the inverted tower beneath the waves.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Inescapable Prison


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