Good morning

As the morning sun lit up the room Eric took a deep breath, sighed and smiled. "Feeling better?", asked Iris. "Much better. I've known you for years, but your healing skills still surprise me." At this Iris giggled.

There was a short knock on the wooden door to the room, and without waiting for a response, Axel came in. Seeing the two, he stopped, crossed his arms across his chest and slowly lent on the doorframe while speaking in his best disapproving-dad-voice: "Eric, you know that you should get going if you want to reach Gallin before nightfall."

For a moment Eric studied how the sun fell in through the window. It was still early and there was no rush, but there was also no need to argue over such small matters. "I know that duty calls. I'll be off within the hour."

Iris chimed in with a sly smile on her face, and pocked Eric with a finger: "An hour? Plenty of time to practice medicine." Eric let out a snort as he suppressed laughter.

Axel closed his eyes for a few seconds in order to prevent the smile on his face from getting too large, before speaking again: "There will be plenty of time for that. I got a report a few minutes ago that there's a sickness outbreak in Alennin. You should take a look at the report."

The news dampened the mood a little and Iris rolled out of bed. "I shall do so. It's been a while since I went there, so I might as well take the opportunity to visit." She put on her dress and made sure that the red cords, the symbol of her god, Ilmater, around her wrists were still properly affixed.

Eric put on his clothes he had put next to the bed the evening before. When they were finished Alex straightened up. "I'll see you at the breakfast table.", he said and left, leaving the door open.

"Breakfast. The second best thing to wake up to in the morning." Eric leaned in to Iris and they kissed each other lightly before leaving with broad smiles on their faces.


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