Huntmaster Writ System

Huntmaster's Writs

Huntmaster's Writs are contracts taken by adventurers or Huntmasters to study, protect against, or take down the most dangerous beasts in Cealla. Each writ can only be done by one group or party at a time, and once it is claimed it cannot be reposted or taken by another group. When a writ is taken, the group must pay the writ's collateral and will only receive payment for the hunt when the writ is successfully completed. Writs will often have recommendations for party size, with some requesting a large band of adventurers, some might ask for a single individual talented in a particular task.   Information about the hunt is on both sides of the writ, with the front giving a brief overview of information related to the hunt, a small sketch of the beast, and the reward for completing it at the bottom. Each writ is validated and categorized by the Huntmasters using wax seals. Each seal is color coded to denote the danger of the mission, as well as a signet symbol showing what kind of job the writ entails. On the back of the writ is the collateral amount, which is determined by the seal color and signet symbol on the front of the writ.  

Writ Signet & Seal Color System

Each writ is validated by the Huntmasters via magically infused wax seals. This prevents any potential tampering, and writs are voided in any case their seal has been modified or destroyed. Each seal is both color coded, and sealed with a symbol that corresponds to the specific writ type. Each board should have 1d4+1 available writs, which can also be determined at random by rolling 2d4, with the first denoting the writ type, and the second denoting the difficulty.  

Signet Symbol Meanings

  1. Sword - Elimination
  2. Staff - Escort
  3. Eagle - Discovery
  4. Coin - Retrieval

Wax Seal Color Meanings

  1. Blue - Low Threat (CR 1-3)
  2. Purple - Medium Threat (CR 4-6)
  3. Red - High Threat (CR 7-11)
  4. Black - Deadly Threat (CR 11-16)

Writ Rewards & Costs

Upon accepting a writ, the group must pay 10% of the writ's reward in order to take the contract. Writ rewards are determined by multiplying the base writ type by the writ's difficulty. For example, a Red Seal of Swords is worth 1000g, while a Blue Seal of Eagles is worth 100g. Writs are typically written for a single monster or beast, though additional payment may come with proof of death for any supporting beasts taken down while executing the associated writ.  

Signet Seal Values

  Sword - Elimination
100g   Staff - Escort 75g   Eagle - Discovery 50g   Coin - Retrieval 50g  

Wax Seal Color Meanings

Blue Seal x2   Purple Seal x5   Red Seal x10   Black Seal x20


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