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The Astro Ring

One of the last relics of the [ancient world], this ring has passed through generations in the Ade-la-ni family. Although it is believed to have magical powers, no one was able to use it after [the dark days]. The ring opens into the shape of a ball with the family saying, We look forward, engraved on the inside.

Manufacturing process

The golden ingot needs to be melted to a temperature of 1800 k. The aederial stones are bound using the magic table with the [lunar system], then crushed with a hammer into powder and put in the molten gold. after that, the gold is separated into 6 pieces and hardened. each piece is soldered into a gold sheet. then the gold is smoothed over a core of less refined gold in the shape of a ring. The six rings, all in different sizes, are connected using hinges to create one thick ring that spins and opens into a ball made of rims.


significant to the Ade-la-ni family.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Holder
Raw materials & Components
1 golden ingot, 10 aederial stones.
Hammer, forge, [magic table]

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