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Aederial Stones


Material Characteristics

Glowing, purple crystal

Physical & Chemical Properties

The stone is warm to the touch and disintegrates when any creature touches it.


The stones are used for many different alloys to give the metal magical properties.

Geology & Geography

The stones can only be found in Zasfar and in the Garden of The Flying Wraiths.

Origin & Source

The stones are mined from [Aederial cores]

History & Usage


When the cores were first found, it was quickly discovered that touching them for too long can kill you however if they are only brushed by a hand they give the user temporary powers. People started mining the stones to use as an advantage in battles. After [the peaceful age] had begun, the stones saw more use in jewelry and decoration until [the dark days] when the last stones were used to improve weapons and armor

Cultural Significance and Usage

The stones are used as ornaments on Ezernal weapons to show importance and rank.
Incredibly rare
Light purple
Common State

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