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The World's Crown Mountains

To the far north, north of any continent of Dreva is a titanic mountain range which rings the top of the world. Not much is known about what is within or beyond these mountains, however, there is only one city which acts as a gateway into the far north. Outside of that, the only thing known about the far north is the howling winds and storms which dominate the flat landscape. Under the mountains, numerous failed dwarven holds can be found, their grand halls are crypts, warnings for others who wish to try doing the same. These mountains are often considered cursed, however, that doesn't stop people from trying. Riddled throughout the mountains are long halls and corridors which are infested with nasty creatures, with very few fortresses thriving in the area.


These massive mountains overlook the frozen seas of the south, the sharp jagged peaks pierce far beyond the clouds. Frozen glaciers coat many of the valleys and very little of the underlying rock can be found under the large blanket of snow which covers every surface it is able to.

Fauna & Flora

Massive Storm and Ice dragons call this place their home, they swoop between the peaks along with wyverns. It is also rumored that other strange creatures call these mountains their home, but few live to tell the tale of their sighting. The only plants easily found in the mountains are at the southern foot of it close to the water, there are short trees and bushes but little survives in this inhospitable land.

Natural Resources

These mountains are extremely rich in minerals and exotic metals. Some of the largest chunks of Divine Stone can be found here in large veins. They tend to give off a bright glow and could be easily found if they weren't buried deep within the mountain range.
Alternative Name(s)
The Great Wall, The Endless Reach
Mountain Range


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