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The Dragon Deliveries Alaskan Headquarters

The Dragon Deliveries Alaskan Headquarters is the main distribution center for the Dragon Deliveries Service. The Delivery service uses Gofer Dragons to deliver letters and messages and occasionaly packages. The Alaskan Headquarters used to send messages across the Bering Strait as most dragons refuse to cross large areas of open seas. Any message or package that is to be delivered across the ocean is sent to the Alaskan Headquarters.

Purpose / Function

The Alaskan Headquarters is the main headquarters and largest distribution center for the Dragon Deliveries service. All mail that is meant to go accross the Atlantic or Pacific oceans has to go to the Alaskan Headquarters first due to the dangers posed to dragons crossing the ocean.

Due to its large importance, the Dragon Deliveries Service uses the building as a general headquarters. All company decisions are made at this headquarters.


The Alaskan Headquarters is comprised of 3 sections; the warehouse, the office, and the keep. The warehouse where all mail is kept and organized just before it is sent out with Gofer Dragons to be delivered, either to its destination or another distribution center. The office is where all the company business takes place. Finaly, the keep is where all the trained Gofer Dragons are kept.

The warehouse portion is a large area with tall storage shelves are set up inside. Mail is organized by destination, and is stackted on the shelves awaiting to be sent out. The warehouse is the second largest portion of the building.

The office portion is a tall, skiny wing, divided into cubicles, offices, and meeting rooms on the inside. This wing of the building is the smallest portion.

The keep is the largest portion of the building having hundreds of small Gofer dragon enclosures. There is a kitchen on the side for meal preperation alobg with a training center. On the oposite end there is the hatchery along with all the hatchlings and baby and juvenile dragons.

Alternative Names
The Alaskan Headquarters, Dragon Deliveries Distributor


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