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Rod of Regurgitation

The Rod of Regurgitation is a magical rod invented by the great magician Ostraphan. As part of his act Ostraphan would swallow various items and regurgitate them with the help of the rod unbeknownst to the crowd. Specifcally Ostraphan could swallow marked coins, numbered balls, or other similarly identifiable items and then regurgitate them upon command or random order.

After Ostraphan's death, the rod has been owned by many other magicians and peoples who could not master the use of the rod as Ostraphan himself did. in fact, results by others using the rod could be unpredictable, disastrous, and occasionally fatal. Examples of this have ranged from reguritation of the wrong item to the appearance of paritally digested food, resulting in audiences becoming disgusted.

Ownership of the rod has now fallen to the maigicans guild, who keep under lock and key to prevent offending audiences, embarrasing practioners, adn the genral safety of the user. Scholars don't even study the rod and consider it a cursed, that at the time of Ostraphan's death, he himself placed a curse upon it so that no one could reach or surpass the degree of success that Ostrapha achieved.


Ostraphan was a magician earning a meager living, often starving, relying on his magicians craft to support hiimself. His dedication to his profession was unsurpassed, but he struggled to achieve the notoriety and level of success he desired. His desperation to achieve fame and fortune, led hiim to a tie of isolation, near starvation, but the achievement of creating the rod with its magical properties. Ostraphan achieved a high level of distinction, fame, and fortune, though until his death, no one knew of the rod.
No simlar items have been identified and it therefore considered unique.
8 oz
9" long and 1/4" in diameter


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