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Fermenville is a small, but growing settlement carved from the lush foothill forests nestled against the base of the Virquer mountain range.  A large natural cave system has developed and the citizens of Fermenville have derived a community and businesses to exploit them.


Primarily consisting of half-orcs the population is supplemented by a variety of humans, dwarves, elves, and gnomes.  Artisans specializing in wooden barrels and fired clay pots have settled in Fermenville, however the primary occupation amongst the townsfolk is manual labor.


A 13 person council, elected to 5 year terms, oversees operations and planning of Fermenville. The council annually appoints a manager from within its ranks. While the duties of the manager don't support a full-time position, the demands are high enough that consecutive terms are undesirable, though some have served multiple terms.

Industry & Trade

Fermenville specializes in long-term warehousing, storing, and logistical delivery of goods in conjunction with manufacturers and merchants in the city of Tonoma.


Roads and minor bridges are maintained to support transfer of people and goods throughout the sprawled settlement as well as a a singular trade route to the city of Tonoma.


Free standing warehouses and well-mapped cave system are the assets and are the backbone of Fermenville's industry of warehousing and logistics.


Fermenville was established when the natural cave system was discovered.  Originally established as a manufacturing site for pickled and fermented foods, to preserve summer harvests.  The demand for such goods was limited, but as the extent of the cave system became more known and documented, Fermenville adapted to simply contracting storage and delivery of any goods by merchants in need of said services.


Fermenville is most certainly not a tourist destination.  The single road to Tonoma is flooded with the flow of goods and lodging in Fermenville consists of a single inn that can barely accommodate the merchant traffic and occasional city official.


Simple, hastily built, modular, wooden structures dominate Fermenville and require an increasing attention to maintenance.  For this reason, new buildings are now being more carefully planned and constructed.  Older, obsolete buildings are carefully deconstructed to reuse the materials.

Natural Resources

Wood from the nearby forest provide lumber for the towns needs, mountain streams provide water, and the cave system is exploited for storage of sensitive goods.


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