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Drakos Dragoons

Before the Draconis Defendre was the poweful controlling force it is today, the Drakos and the Draconics used to fight side by side into battle. They would bond and grow more powerful and stronger. Occasionally, the Drakos would mount the Draconic, and the Drakos Dragoons was formed.



To be a Drakos Dragoon one must first be a Drakos or a Draconic. They must also have been a part of the Draconics and Drakos Reserves for at least seven years.

A second thing is to "bond" with a Draconic. This is a strange process that humans do not fully understand, however it is a very powerful advantage to any Drakos who has this bond.

Once a Drakos has this bond and is properly trained he may officially enter into the Drakos Dragoons.

Career Progression

The first step in becoming a Dragoon is entering the Reserves. After entering the Reserves and gaining at least seven years of experience there, then one will have opportunities to qualify for the Dragoons. First, there will be a series of practices and trainings or something to see which Drakos will bond with which Draconic. Some Drakos and some Draconics are not able to bond, if that happens they must wait another year or find a Draconic to bond with.

After the bond is done and completed, a month or so later a competition is held. This competition allows the newly bonded Drakos and a Draconic to fight together against a Dragoon. After the fight is over the judges will make their decision. If the Drakos and Draconic fought well together they have a good chance of entering the Dragoons. If they did poorly, they will have to wait until next year to enter the competition againor until a veteran of high standing deems them worthy to begin training.

Once they either pass the competition or are granted permission by a verteran Dragoon their training will begin. From there the Drakos and the Draconic are referred together as a Dragoon and they will learn to fight together, amplifying each others powers and abilities.

Payment & Reimbursement

The payment for a Drakos Dragoon can be quite lucrative. Being in the Dragoons one will get the first spoils of war, such as gold and other precious items, and are allowed to take servants and slaves. They can recieve money from Draconics, Drakos, or humans that may hire them for jobs.

Other Benefits

A Dragoon typically receives more respect and appreciation from his peers and the people, and depending on what role a Dragoon plays in battle fame as well.

Those who have more front lines and on the battle field roles will find fame and social recognition more than the Dragoons who strategizes and organizes the troops.



The Drakos Dragoons were the elite for in the Reserves. They were the ones who took on the hardest missions and the most dangerous threats. When it came to wars and battles the Drakos Dragoons were the ones on the front lines or strategizing and organizing the troops.

When a war or battle was not taking place, the Drakos and the Draconics would help train and teach the rookies in the Reserves and/or rookies in the Dragoons.

Social Status

The perception of the Dragoons is split particularly in Draconis' modern day. During that time the humans saw the Dragoons as great warriors and fighters. Honorable Drakos and Draconic willing to risk their lives for the greater good. However, humans also saw the Dragoons as terrible beats and monsters who slaughtered without thought or care.


The Drakos Dragoons did not exist until one hundred years after the Reserves had been formed. Forming a bond was not something familiar back then (it is something still unfamiliar now), so when certain Drakos and Draconics started becoming more powerful most thought it was just the training, until those certain Drakos and Draconics started using powers they couldn't before.

That is when the Drakos Dragoons started to turn into an idea. At first it was extremely vague, the Drakos Dragoons accepted anyone who was able to pass a series of tests that only powerful Drakos and Draconics could supposedly pass. As the years went on and people began to understand bonding more, this turned into Drakos and Draconics who can use eacch others powers, before finally turning into the competition mentioned earlier.

When bonding became more known and understood somewhat more, Drakos and Dragoons started to pin down how and why it happened. Many of these reasons are lost to history, but the majority of historians found the answer to be because of the identity of the Draconic soul in a Drakos.

Once bonding was almost able to be identified, Drakos and Draconics gathered together often and trained outside of training hours to see if they were bonded. Eventually this practice was introduced more formally and became the basis for a series of tests and trials to prove Drakos and Dragoons were bonded.

But, like all things, they must end. The Dragoons had a tragic ending, probably involving killings, betrayals, and a bloody civil war. Unfortunately, during this time Draconis fell into a period of war and darkness. The history during this time is unaccurate or nonexistant.



Being in the Dragoons and even in the Reserves, a Drakos needs a sword or two, a few daggers or knives, and armor. A Draconic needs sharp claws and sometime armor. It also helps if he spits acid or fire, but those abilities are not absolutely necessary.


The Dragoons live in a different section of the base than the Reserves. The Dragoons tend to live with their partner which can make their living spaces incredibly large. Unless the Draconic sleeps outside, in which case the Drakos will live in a simple modest house.

The training grouns are also different from the Reserves with longer and more complex courses. These courses will typically involve flying together and learning how to work as a team. There are also more classes, mostly focusing on controlling his partner's and his own magic.

Dangers & Hazards

There are several hazards of being a Dragoon. The most obvious one is dying in battle. The second one is being assassinated, and the third one is being killed by your partner.
The Drakos Dragoons was a legal profession until there was a sharp rise in dislike and hatred toward it.


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