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Io's gift to dragonkind

The Breathroot is a rare species of plant highly regarded for its various beneficial qualities that aid dragons and their related species. It takes many forms that depend primarily on how it is grown in the wild. In order for it to grow the soil must be freshly razed by a dragon's breath weapon every seven days for a full year.   Study on this plant have been limited due to the difficulty in growing and cultivating it consistently. While its uses are immeasurable, growing it is too much of a risk to the general population and as such, it is only grown under close supervision by the government and their various agencies.
— Flora of Our World, Chapter 8: Rare and Coveted Species
  Breathroot, often hailed as one of Io's many blessings to dragonkind, is a plant desired by many, yet possessed by few. Those who have it typically wear it as a symbol of status, rather than using it for any of the numerous benefits that it can bestow upon the possessor, while those who choose to use it find themselves graced with immeasurable physical and mental enhancements.  


Breathroot comes in a variety of colors and shapes, all stemming from the Eryngium genus. They share the general traits of having spiny leaves and having ribs of tiny flowers that spread out from the center of the plant. The only difference between the two is that Breathroot's leaves are covered in small coats of leathery, tough scale-like growths. These growths will usually match the color of the Breathroot, though on occasion it the scales may actually be a contrasting color, rather than a matching one.   The flowers bloom from the ends of stems that grow an average of one to two feet into the air. The stems do not share the colorations of the main flower, instead being a universal sage green coloration.  

Difficulties of Growing

The extensive and difficult method of growing Breathroot is the sole reason that it is a rare and valuable commodity. Only soil that is untamed with access to natural resources that are untainted by civilization has been found to be capable of growing the plant. Areas of little exploration and industrialization are therefore considered to be the best areas to attempt growth. However, the significant lack of areas with this trait presents a problem, as Draconia lacks an abundance of land that hasn't been "tainted" with civilization, particularly Metallan.   Another roadblock that adds difficulty to the creation of Breathroot is that any areas that are found to be suitable for its growth must be razed by a dragon's breath every seven days for a full year. The breath cannot be from a dragonborn or related dragonkin, it must be from a true dragon, otherwise the plant will fail to materialize at the end of the year of care.    Finally, the same patch of soil that is used to create a batch of Breathroot cannot be re-razed by a dragon that has previously grown Breathroot from that area. This limitation prevents a singular dragon from continually growing Breathroot. The reasoning for this limitation is not known, but it is believed that it has something to do with each dragon's magical energy somehow tainting the soil in a manner similar to civilization and how it prevents the growth of Breathroot entirely.
Scientific Name
Eryngium Draco
Conservation Status
While not truly endangered, Breathroot is considered extinct in the wild, as the conditions for its growth are so specific and unlikely to occur naturally.
Average Height
1-3 feet, depending on length of the stems.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The colors of the Breathroot vary, but they usually assume a shade of color that is similar in color to the dragon that was responsible for its creation. The most common colors are red, blue, gold and bronze. The rarest colors are white, green, brass and silver.
Geographic Distribution
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