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A large mammalian quadruped residing in Dosjorya's southern forests.   
  Xousafori prefer warmer forested regions and typically live far south of settled Dosjorya. Though for the purposes of keeping up with the happenings of humans and the other Gendirlo, they have established a few clans within reach of human settlements. Though land bound, Xousafori are hardy and adaptable and are able to roam in nearly any biome except deserts.   Four legged and big boned, Xousafori stand tall over many Gendirl species. Their shoulders are similar in height to those of Oundats, though Oundats tower ever higher with their long necks. Xousafor heads, and their bodies to a lesser extent, resemble large deer, though with large curving horns jutting out of their head for both males and females. Their horns are a light brown to tan, and their fur is a slightly mottled grass green. Tufts of longer fur run down their spine. Xousafori are built large and imposing though they are difficult to find due to their coloration.   Herbaceous, Xousafori prefer soft leafy greens and grasses. They do possess strong jaws and teeth to crush tougher plant fibers into an edible state, allowing them to eat most any type of plant save for actual trees. Their slower lifestyles allow them to have a relatively small metabolism compared to other large Gendirlo, requiring less food to survive.   Male Xousafori are more social than females, though they take no part in rearing young. Males can often be found in small groups which claim their own territory, and only fight each other if a breeding female enters their territory. Clans are typically made up of older Xousafori who no longer wish to roam or are too old to roam. No Xousafor clan is very large and each will move if vegetation in an area becomes too scarce.

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Cover image: by Jen Wright


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