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Dosjorya's smallest of the six cities due to its relatively isolated position, Tanfor is only called a city as opposed to a town because of its importance in transporting Sythen crops north. Much of the commerce that flows through this city is related to farming.  
Tanfor sits a short ways from the ocean and along the Sythen River in the southern grasslands. Being located closer to the ocean would have been more advantageous as the city could make use of a larger port. However, the lands along the Sythen River closest to the ocean are too wet and marshy to support a settlement.   Tanfor only has a thin, incomplete wall surrounding the city, wide open at all entry points. The upstream half of the city boasts large structures and houses owned by the wealthiest residents. Tanfor's citadel sits in this portion of the city on the southern riverbank. At the downstream most area of the city, outside of the wall, structures made from abandoned Poor Man's Rafts can be found housing laborers and those from poorer backgrounds. The rafts from which they make their homes with come from farmers upstream who build them and use them to bring their crops or goods to Tanfor. In all cases the rafts are abandoned as there is no reason to bring them back upstream. Though Tanfor is not the only river city to receive upstream goods from rafts, it is the only one known to use the wood for other purposes.  
Tanfor had been founded a couple of generations after humans arrived in Dosjorya, making it one of Dosjorya's oldest settlements. Escaped slaves and their families fled to the region and built Tanfor, their refuge from declining conditions and stolen hope of becoming free after serving their terms. Soon after Tanfor became a proper settlement, slavery was outlawed in Dosjorya, but Tanfor's residents refused to move back north for a variety of reasons.

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