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Cond are large odd looking herbivores common to Dominalem. Despite their unruly nature, and odd appearance they make superb pack animals, because of their ability to swim and adapt to temperature.

Basic Information


Cows are odd looking creatures. The sport a large barrled torso that widens at the hips and narrows at the neck. they have long moose-like faces. Large tails are common, and assist in swimming.

Biological Traits

webbed feet and sleek skin.

Genetics and Reproduction

Cond's reproduce sexually and have a gestation peroiod of 8 months. They often give birth to twins or triplets, but those numbers are known to vary.

Growth Rate & Stages

An average Cond reaches matured at around 7 years old, and usually lives to 20 years.

Ecology and Habitats

Cond's are mostly found in temperate planes, but are common across all biomes.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Cond's are herbivores, and usually graze on tall grasses, and other plants.

Additional Information


Domesticated Conds tend to be larger, but less adaptable than their wild counterparts. However, they were bred to have larger webbed feet as to swim better.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Conds are one of the favored beasts of burden in Dominalem. they are used for everything from farming to transportation, and are often favored over oxen or cattle due to their ability to swim. Although they are said to make good food, most farmers do not use cond as a food source.

Facial characteristics

Long hourglass shaped head with small ears.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Conds are found in every part of Dominalem, but are heavily consecrated slightly north of the equator.

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Above average hearing, movment based sight, limited tremor sense, poor sense of smell.
20 years
Conservation Status
Ubiquitous and used as live stock
Average Height
Average Weight
300-700 lbs
Average Length
6-8'' ft
Average Physique
No matter where they are cond's have a massive amount of muscle. however, they are able to gain and lose fat quickly depending on the temperature outside. resulting in northern conds to have more of a round silhouette.


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